Anthems of Spring

For as far back as I can remember, music has always played an integral part in my life.  I can remember my mom putting on Englebert Humpersomething, Gordon Lightfoot or Elton John while cleaning.  My dad had tons of 8 tracks and records and I can remember always playing with his LPs, looking at the cool artwork of certain bands and rocking out to Led Zeppelin. 
Music is nostalgic.
Music can turn a bad day around.
Music can move you to tears.
I love music and while listening to some beautiful music today, I started thinking about songs for the seasons, particularly for spring.  I realized that I have a set playlist for most seasons.  These are songs that are definitely cranked the minute that I can open the sunroof while driving, or a window while cleaning.  They make me happy.
These are my spring anthems.

Collective Soul.  Anything by them reminds me of high school and being young and craaaaazy, especially The World I know or Gel.
Barenaked Ladies: Reminds of countless ringette tournaments or drives to B.C where we'd fight to make the playlist for the car.  On cassettes. 
Adele: Current fave right now.  Can't stop listening to Rolling in the Deep, Lovesong and Someone Like You.
New Kids on the Block:  Yes, you read that right. I love their newish album that came out last year, all the tracks make me feel like that kid I was screaming at their concerts.
Diddy-Dirty Money: I'm Coming Home. 
Dixie Chicks: Cowboy Take me away
Elton John: Levon, Tiny Dancer, I'm Still Standing
Lauryn Hill: The entire Miseducation Album
Live: All their albums
Macy Gray: Beauty in the World

I feel like I could go on forever thinking of great music that makes me think of spring and all the wonderful, beautiful, fresh non-cold and non-blizzardish stuff that it brings to us.
Ah, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, you are indeed a friend of mine.


  1. i saw 7 geese fly over today!

  2. I remember stealing your collective soul album


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