and the room is done!

Project completion.


So, I changed my plans a little bit from the original but I'm very happy with the produit final, (minus the little boy having a "moment" in the photos from tonight).  All I had to do was some decluttering and rearranging, add a little colour and update the blinds.  Done and done!  This project feels like it took forever, but we just got our canvasses from the photographer a couple weeks ago from the photoshoot we did in August.  SO happy with them!  Now I'm moving on to the upstairs' stairway/hallway.


  1. pictures turned out great! I love having family pictures around to remind you what is really important.... The room looks fantastic. Want to do mine?

  2. Wow! It looks great! Where oh where did you get the paintings of the family done up? Those are fantastic!

  3. They are actually photographs on canvas, but you're right, they do look like paintings b/c of the texture.

  4. I wanna see those pictures!! they look fantastic!


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