An afternoon in PAris.

An opportunity to share a special life moment with the BFF who lives SOOOOOOOO far away in Calgary?
I'm there.

Christy and James decided to have their second son baptized in P.A this weekend so naturally I jumped at the chance to witness their event and get to see my beautiful BFF.  Luckily both our parents are still in the PA so we had some good visiting with the Grandparents as well.
Here are some pics to summarize what we did:

Lucia and Willis played and were cute.
Christy with her soon to be baptized son, Cooper James.

Lucia practicing her walk in the church.  Not the last time Daddy will be walking her up the aisle. 
Somebody loves her Daddy.

The Rentons

This is one of my favourite pictures.

It was nice to spend the afternoon with Sara and Candace as well!


  1. Thanks Deena for taking such great pictures! I can't wait to see the rest.. .and most importantly to have a playdate with you and the munchkins!


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