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The weekend that changed it all.

02/02/02 = The night I met he who would sweep me off my feet and be the life I've always dreamed of.

It was my first year teaching and I was broke.  When Annie begged me to accompany her to her husband, Jason's volleyball tournament in Moose Jaw, I could barely afford to go.  Ah, the days of living pay cheque to pay cheque.
I finally decided I should.  We had some great girl time planned, meeting up with our University girl friends at the spa in Moose Jaw for some visiting and it was a blast.
Also a blast?  Re-meeting Dan.
I was actually teaching his brothers and my brother at the time.  Weird.  So it was an easy ice breaker to get talking to him.
I have this visual of him from that weekend that has never left my mind.
Tall, strong, confidant, sexy with a genuine smile and a twinkle in his eye.
Oh and green track pants from the 70s complete with longish, shaggy hair.
I remember saying to Jason that I thought he was a hottie.  Dan that is.
And Jason, being the smart guy he is, obviously passed on the message because the rest is history, folks.
We were inseparable after that weekend and it didn't take me long to realize he was the one I wanted to be with forevah.
He was mine.

Nine years later and our lives have changed considerably.  I do sometimes miss those crazy days of a budding romance, and sadly I didn't have a video camera or a good camera for that matter for any proof of us for the first year.  I do, however have all the emails we ever sent and today will be the kind of day that I will sift through them and laugh and remember the kids we were.
But more importantly I'll be grateful that he came into my life 9 years ago and has loved me ever since.


  1. aw just in time for valentine's ... think you are up for a pretty nice valentine's day .....


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