A trip to Vancouver


Growing up I never danced.  I was an athlete, or at least I'd like to think I was.  I played sports:  fastball, ringette, volleyball....the list goes on. I was never without activity.
Now the only sport I still play is fastball and I don't think I'll ever give it up.  But it just doesn't cut it workout wise.
I feel like I've tried everything:  step classes, Judo, running, walking, water aerobics....everything.  But finally I've found an activity that suites me.
It'll be 2 years in August since the first time I tried the class at Club Mynx and I'm still loving it.  I bounce between classes at Club Mynx and World Gym, Club Mynx being my favourite.  The atmosphere is something else.  NO creepy fluorescent lights. NO random people staring into the class, watching.  Instead they dim the lights like you're in a club and turn up the music.  I LOVE it.  Never before have I felt like a dancer.  Yup, I think I've transformed into a confidant Zumba-er.  I can now go to the front of the class without feeling like an idiot.  Okay, I still feel like an idiot but I don't care, because I feel great and I love the movements that are now in my muscle memory. And the music, it's something else.  I think that is key for me, great music that motivates me. In fact, most of our Zumba dance tracks are now my go-to tracks for when I hit the treadmill.

I was never a dancer.
Now, I like to think I am.
Here's a little taste of what we did today.


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