There are so many things I'd rather be doing than watching it snow.  Just when I thought we were almost done with this.
I've been dreaming about going barefoot on the grass and the smell of dirt and flowers and rain.  I forget what it's like to not have to bundle everyone up JUST to go out for 2 seconds. Or what it's like to not wear a jacket in the car.
And just like a sleepless night, I find that a snowstorm right after Mother Nature had teased us with a taste of spring, is a slap in the face and pushes me right back down into the winter blahs. 
I would move in a heartbeat to a warmer climat if you asked me right now.
But because that's not going to happen, unless you have a job for my husband and a way to move my friends and family too, I'll just daydream of warmer days and prettier things.

There, see? Isn't that much better than this? Ah, Mother Nature. I'm so over winter.


  1. aren't you the girl who enjoys the snow too?? go snuggle up to the fire with a good book


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