Saturday fun.

It's a perfect Saturday in the making.

  • Lucia sleeping in until 8.  Check.
  • A perfect cup of coffee ready before I even get out of bed. Check.
  • Breakfast made by husband.  Check.
  • A tobogganing excursion with my besties and their boys.  Check.
  • Hot chocolate brought by Candace.  Check.
  • A good workout with sister.  Uncheck.  Zumba class cancelled, must improvise and do Zumba for Wii at home. Check.
  • Planning a week's worth of healthy and tasty meals. Check.
  • Grocery shopping trip with the little family. Check.
  • Another perfect cup of afternoon coffee. Check.

Life ain't so bad in this wintery wonderland when the  weather is a tolerable -3 and you're surrounded by great people.  I could get used to this. Come on spring, I'm waiting.


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