A trip to Vancouver

Novel ideas in my life.

1.  Skype. 
I love being able to see people when they call, especially those people I don't see on a daily basis like my brother, parents and bff.
Seriously best invention ever.  Imagine how entertaining conversations with telemarketers would be if you could see them.  I can just see the costumes I would come up with for the times I had calls from unknown numbers.

2.  Groupon.
Kay, I don't know if I've spent more money on things I would've eventually got anyway, or if I've saved money on items that I was going to get and just 'happened' to see the groupon.  Like cupcakes from Cupcake Conspiracy.  Or a bra from Bodacious Bustlines.  Or that laser hair removal.  You know, things that I obviously COULDN'T live without.  For someone (me) who is a sucker for sales, this is the perfect option because it's always a sale, so I always win.

3. Online shopping sites.
Although husband won't likely agree with the greatness of the easy accessibility of online shopping, I would definitely say that it has revolutionized how I shop.  One, I can get awesome items without packing up kids and dealing with crowds or traffic.  Secondly, I often find unique items that you definitely wouldn't get at any stores in town.  My favourite sites right now for baby gifts are babysteals.com or kidsteals.com
For myself I enjoy hautelook.com or beyondtherack.com for great deals.  When I want something unique, I usually check out modcloth.com.
All fun!

4.  Texting.
I know not really new, but I'm really enjoying how easy it is to communicate with people.  For example, a girlfriend of mine had to have an emergency c-section today.  Without texting, it would have taken forever to find out.  Instead, likely at the same time that she was having the operation, all her friends were thinking of her and praying for the safe arrival of her baby.  It's like you have an instant circle of support when you need it.

5.  Self checkouts
I don't know why Walmart got rid of these.  Actually, I do, I'm just mad that they did.  At least Safeway kept theirs.  I love being able to quickly get my purchases without having to talk to someone when I'm not in the mood to be friendly. 

That's all I've got for now. I'm sure I'll come up with more once I've posted this.


  1. Telemarketers on skype. Hilarious.

    So I thought I was in for a great post. And then the online shopping starts (#2 is just a subcategory of #3 by the way).

    And I'm sorry but texting must die. Not just because I cannot. Because I can never tell who is texting me (See your #1 again while we're on the topic).

    As for self-checkouts...maybe you can just use your skype-telemarketer costumes while going through a staffed till???

  2. i love the idea about skyping telemarketers ... that would be so cool!!

  3. Really... you like self checkouts??? I figure if I am bagging my own groceries I should at least get a discount! Although I also like the online shopping sites that you mention... I never actually buy anything. And texting... let's not even go there. I don't get texts until days later and by then, but is the point of texting back? The only time I carry my cell phone and check it regularily is when I am expecting one of my besties to have a baby! I loved this post!


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