My funny valentine.

I saw a neat quote on facebook this week. It read : "Valentine's Day is not about the I love 'yous' but the I love us".
I think that is what this holiday is now for me.  Not really about the romance between husband and I, but more so about the love we share and the family we've created. Does that even make any sense?
Before we were married, Dan did the sweetest things for me.  Things that made the "I love yous" very clear.  Things like scavenger hunts, random bouquets of flowers, sweet notes, even sweeter emails. So when he proposed, I honestly just thought it was another one of his thoughtful evenings and was I ever surprised to find a ring at the end of a string.  But that's a totally different post.

Valentine's Day is still about the loving Dan.  But it also becomes the love for my children.
Now my heart shudders when Willis hugs me and tells me he loves me.
Or when Dan tells me I'm beautiful or that I'm a great mom.
It's more the simple, thoughtful every day moments that make me feel loved, like one should do every day, not just Saint Valentine's Day.
Everybody just wants to feel loved, no?

I came home from Zumba yesterday and found my little boy working away in the living room, so proudly scanning photos for me, grinning ear to ear at his system. He was so meticulous and excited, and he knew how happy it would make his mommy.  That's the best kind of love to feel.

So this Valentines was more about the 'I love us' for me.  Not just about Dan and I, but about the two adorable kids who come with the package who sweeten up the deal.
Even more perfect?  Dan taking video of said kids being sweet.
Now that's the best present ever.

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  1. you're kidding? a three year old can scan and save to a file? Willis! you're hired!!


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