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A letter to a friend.

Dear Jordan,
I'm writing this minutes after I received your text about the decision to let Tripp go.  What you and Hugh went through today, I cannot imagine. All I know is that I have never felt so much despair for a friend in my life.  Maybe it's because we're moms now and that just makes us a million times more susceptible to the cruelties in life.  As moms we become that much more sensitive and our heart breaks that much harder.

I wish I could rewind a week back to Wednesday when we were at your place, peacefully having coffee, discussing our worries and fears and constipation of course.  I would do anything to have given you an extra hug, and let you know how great of a mom I think you are.  Don't ever doubt that.  I'm sure Heidi and Keri would agree with me too.  You are a beautiful person and we are so lucky to have met you how many years ago on the ball diamond (where true friends are made! Honk Honk)  You are at one of the hardest parts of life and you need to know that we're right behind you, holding you up (standing in classic 'V' formation), loving you unconditionally and praying that you can find peace and strength in these dark, dark moments.

The one thing I know about you, Jordan is that you have a phenomenal family and a fantastic husband.  Your marriage is built on a strong foundation that can only get more powerful.   You and Hugh will not be without help when you need it.  Please don't be afraid to ask.

Tripp leaving so soon is not fair. 
But I'm going to take a lesson from you and Hugh and look for a positive in all of this.  And what I come up with that I know for sure is that we have all been blessed by Tripp's presence.  Whether it's a friend, a family member or someone looking in from the outside who doesn't know you, that doesn't matter because somehow our lives can't help but be enriched because of him. Your little man has left a legacy already and our lives will be better because of it.

Be strong, my friend.  Know that you are loved.


  1. I can't express how much all of your words have meant to me, Deena. Thank-you for sharing Tripp's story on your blog. Love you.

  2. once a ganza, always a ganza. I am moved by how everyone has pulled together to support Jordan and her family. honk,honk.


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