A trip to Vancouver

Full of GLEE

Glee is back after almost 2 months of break.
I pretended to be interested in the SuperBowl.  That was a joke.  I don't get football and likely never will.  I do, however, get music and dance and what it can do for my soul.
And on now again Tuesdays I will sit humming, toe- tapping and enjoying the art of performance, the crisp harmonies and the social issues that are brought to light  in Glee.
It feels good to laugh and feel moved by music again.  .
How many M's are there in the letter R?

Speaking of music, as the Packers or whoever are doing their touchdown victory dance,  Lucia and Kinsey will be doing a dance of their own. Glad to see the girls are lovers of music and movement as well.

L & K's adventures. Full version from Dee on Vimeo.