Family travels.

I have been to many places, but I have never been overseas.
In May I'll take my first trip to across l'océan with my brother and sister  to Scotland.
This trip has transformed many times over the past bit, originally being a trip that Dan and I were going to take with the kids in the spring to visit Uncle Josh in London. But then an opportunity arose for Dan and the other brother, Chris to go and they jumped on it.
So I was out a traveller. And I wasn't going by myself with the kids. I'm crazy, but not that kind of crazy.
Brother was taking a couple of weeks to travel to the Scandinavian countries and when I expressed my desire to go to Scotland and that I had no one to go with, he had the idea that we could go together. So the 3 Park kids shall pack their bags and explore their ancestral roots on the Park side.
We are just in the process of figuring out the what/when/where, and have each identified parts of the country we'd like to see (Brother-Hadrian's wall, Kyla-Sterling, Moi- the north, ideally Inverness/Culloden).
Hopefully we'll be able to put together a trip that pleases everyone, but regardless, I'm going to Scotland and that in itself is good enough for me!
Luckily, my super sleuth Uncle Doug did some fantastic work putting together the Park side of our family tree.  I hope we can end up with some of these towns to see where we came from !


  1. But really - no pressure with passing on the name Robert James.

  2. That should be a fantastic holiday!! I'd love to take a trip with just my siblings!


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