Crazy about you

10 things I currently am adoring about Willis:
  • The way he insists we 'shake on it' when we're making a deal.
  • How he selectively pronounces the 'l' or 't'. Kyla. Wucia. Dad wook!
  • His goofy face- see picture. 
  • How he insists on dressing himself in the am with the door shut even though he ends up just in his boxers 10 minutes later.
  • How, when playing Mario Kart he steers with his whole body, arms straight.
  • How he offers us everything.  Example:  Dad: Willis, I haven't seen that movie.  Will :Well, I'll take you.  Dan: Willis, I don't have ski-pants.  Willis: I'll buy you some.
  •  How he knows how to Skype people and does so randomly when I'm not in the room.
  •  How he finds it necessary to play show and tell the MINUTE you see him for the first time.  "Wook at my new toy." or "I have foot muscles, wook".
  • How he insists on me smelling his hands after the bathroom to ensure he used soap when washing.
  • How he stealthily starts to sneak away and hide the problem when he knows he did something bad.  Don't even ask Dan about this week's PoopGate.


  1. what's poopgate??? kids! they say the darndest things!!


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