A boy and a girl and some makeup

Willis was a sociable, loveable baby.  I could leave him with anybody and he'd be all smiles.
Lucia, on the other hand is going through one of those stages that doesn't let me leave the room without her howling unless I cleverly sneak away. She's a Mommy and Daddy's girl.  So, this morning when she wouldn't let me get some computer work done, I had to move on to other projects: hair and makeup.
Thankfully, she loves mirrors and was quite content to sit on the vanity while I got ready for my day.
Where Lucia is happy to sit and observe, Willis was happy to get into everything.

Really, it was her first foray into the world of makeup.
She was relatively calm and easy going and didn't make a mess like her brother did the first time he got into my makeup.

Maybe it's just the difference of raising a boy and a girl.
Willis makes a mess, Lucia studies things intently.

Or maybe it's the age. Hmmm

Regardless, they had fun, I had a good laugh and I'm happy to say that my MAC cream blush survived both children's attacks.