Ah, he makes me smile

When times are rough, there is one thing that can guarantee to put an instant smile on my face: Willis and his three and a half year old imagination. One never really knows where he's going to go with something or where he got the idea from in the first place.  Welcome guest blogger, the husband with a great example of this from last night:

Willis and I watched a movie today.  A real old Christmas movie called ‘Prancer’ that he pushed to watch until I finally acquiesced.  The protagonists mother had died when she was young and during a scene regarding the matter, Willis asked me about what dying meant.

So I hit pause and had a little talk about what happens when people die and how people go to heaven.

Fast forward to the same night.  I always tell Willis a make up story before he goes to sleep and tonight was nothing out of the ordinary – Captain Willis and Admiral (hehe) Daddy were driving a spaceship to a different planet.  The whole thing segued into a lesson on gravity (I’m so proud – he made some comments that made me think he even understood a bit).  Anyway, at the end of the story Captain Willis drives the spaceship home and saves Mommy and Lucia.  “The End”.  But Willis has some more to add…

“No Dad.  Then they go to a meeting.”  ???  I’m lost, but I add a few lines about going to a meeting, making decisions, shaking hands and going home. 

“No Dad.  Not everyone goed (sic) home.  Some people died...”  He’s very earnest as he says this.  I’m starting to clue into the movie of the afternoon so I chime in “some people die yes Willis and they go to heaven.  But Mom and Dad are not leaving you Willis…”

“No Dad No.  Some people go to heaven.  Not everyone goes (yay) to heaven…”  His eyes are wide – this is important to him.  So I let him finish.  “…Girls go to heaven.  I will go to heaven.  But the bad boys go to Regina.”

I love my little boy.


  1. ah, our willis, ah ... prancer

  2. i love willis. yesterday he told me (for what reason, i have no idea) that his mom is smart... but sometimes his mom is not smart, but most of the time she is smart. then he showed me his feet muscles. gotta love him :)


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