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Crazy about you

10 things I currently am adoring about Willis:
The way he insists we 'shake on it' when we're making a deal.How he selectively pronounces the 'l' or 't'. Kyla. Wucia. Dad wook!His goofy face- see picture. How he insists on dressing himself in the am with the door shut even though he ends up just in his boxers 10 minutes later.How, when playing Mario Kart he steers with his whole body, arms straight.How he offers us everything.  Example:  Dad: Willis, I haven't seen that movie.  Will :Well, I'll take you.  Dan: Willis, I don't have ski-pants.  Willis: I'll buy you some. How he knows how to Skype people and does so randomly when I'm not in the room. How he finds it necessary to play show and tell the MINUTE you see him for the first time.  "Wook at my new toy." or "I have foot muscles, wook".How he insists on me smelling his hands after the bathroom to ensure he used soap when washing.How he stealthily starts to sneak aw…

Me so hungry.

Our cookie to person ratio in this house in the winter is ridiculously high. On the cookie side.
It's ALL Willis wants to do.
Me: Willis, want to play outside?  Willis, want to build a snowman?  Willis, want to do something? Anything?
Willis: Let's make cookies.

So, after averaging probably a batch every other day, I'm having to get creative with 1) recipes, and 2) consumption dispersion.
Since Christmas I think I've tried every recipe out there.
And this one, by far is our favourite.  It is requested by anyone who enters the house and they only last a day.  The cookies, that is.  We tend to keep our company a bit longer.  Unless they eat too many cookies.

This recipe came from my girlfriend, Natalie.  She graciously passed it on to me and because I'm all for the Pay it Forward movement, I'm sending it out to you.

You can thank me later.  

 Our Cookie Monster highly recommends these treats with a cold glass a milk.  I, on the other hand, love to dunk them in a…

Final thoughts about today.

This morning was a very moving morning.

I attended a celebration for the life of sweet, 5 day old baby who has touched so many people in his short existence.
It was a touching morning.  Singing "He will raise you up" a cappella was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen an entire congregation do.
Seeing how strong Jordan and Hugh are, how well they are dealing with this is an inspiration.  Again, I can't say enough how proud I am of you, Jordan.  Your words on your blog are healing for so many people.  You are a trooper, a fighter and I can see where Tripp got it from.

Standing among friends and family today in support of 2 beautiful people was an honour and I feel blessed.  If you know Jordan and Hugh, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  They are genuine people.  Their relationship is something I admire.  Jordan, did you know that when we were considering Godparents for Lucia that you and Hugh were our #1s until we decided to go the family ro…


The past couple days have left me in a state of wonder.  Well kinda. It's been more like a state of "couldstareatthewallforhours" and "difficulttostopcrying".  But it's been good for me. I've had a couple breakthroughs or epiphanies, if you will and I think it's going to make me a better mom, wife and friend.

One thing that has crossed my mind quite often is wondering how many people hugged their own children that much harder and that much longer after we learned that Tripp didn't make it. I know I did. In fact that was probably the first night in Lucia's 9 months that I was wanting desperately for her to wake up just I could hold her, regardless the hour. I'm kinda overwhelmed with how Jordan's pain can have a ripple effect on so many people's lives, but in a good way and you know what, I think this will help Jordan.

The past two days have been difficult for me. Obviously nothing compared to what the Hamiltons and Fritshaws are…

A letter to a friend.

Dear Jordan,
I'm writing this minutes after I received your text about the decision to let Tripp go.  What you and Hugh went through today, I cannot imagine. All I know is that I have never felt so much despair for a friend in my life.  Maybe it's because we're moms now and that just makes us a million times more susceptible to the cruelties in life.  As moms we become that much more sensitive and our heart breaks that much harder.

I wish I could rewind a week back to Wednesday when we were at your place, peacefully having coffee, discussing our worries and fears and constipation of course.  I would do anything to have given you an extra hug, and let you know how great of a mom I think you are.  Don't ever doubt that.  I'm sure Heidi and Keri would agree with me too.  You are a beautiful person and we are so lucky to have met you how many years ago on the ball diamond (where true friends are made! Honk Honk)  You are at one of the hardest parts of life and you need…

Ah, he makes me smile

When times are rough, there is one thing that can guarantee to put an instant smile on my face: Willis and his three and a half year old imagination. One never really knows where he's going to go with something or where he got the idea from in the first place.  Welcome guest blogger, the husband with a great example of this from last night:

Willis and I watched a movie today.  A real old Christmas movie called ‘Prancer’ that he pushed to watch until I finally acquiesced.  The protagonists mother had died when she was young and during a scene regarding the matter, Willis asked me about what dying meant.

So I hit pause and had a little talk about what happens when people die and how people go to heaven.

Fast forward to the same night.  I always tell Willis a make up story before he goes to sleep and tonight was nothing out of the ordinary – Captain Willis and Admiral (hehe) Daddy were driving a spaceship to a different planet.  The whole thing segued into a lesson on gravity (I’m so …

More prayers, please.

I was going to do a post today about chocolate chips cookies, but with the troubles of a close friend weighing heavily on my mind and occupying 98% of my thoughts, I figured another plea for prayers would be more in order.
Unfortunately, things don't seem to be going their way.
I don't know what to say, or what to do for her.

And until I come up with something, I just ask that you say an extra prayer for a beautiful family who shouldn't have to be dealing with this.

A favour

I need to ask a little favour of you.
I have a friend who needs some positive thoughts  sent her way and because I'm a huge believer in the power of prayer, I'm doing what I know how to do in order to help her out.
She's the friend who had the emergency c-section on Friday because her amniotic fluid was low.  A baby boy was born 5ish weeks early, 4 lbs 6 oz!  He's being closely monitored in NICU she could use some help.
To read about her situation in more detail you can visit her blog:
I can't imagine the stress her family is dealing with right now and it leaves me feeling helpless. I want to be able to do something.  I don't like seeing my friends in pain and if there was a way for me to carry some of their burden, I would gladly take up their cross.
Know that we are thinking of you, Hugh and Calder, Jordan.

Novel ideas in my life.

1.  Skype. 
I love being able to see people when they call, especially those people I don't see on a daily basis like my brother, parents and bff.
Seriously best invention ever.  Imagine how entertaining conversations with telemarketers would be if you could see them.  I can just see the costumes I would come up with for the times I had calls from unknown numbers.

2.  Groupon.
Kay, I don't know if I've spent more money on things I would've eventually got anyway, or if I've saved money on items that I was going to get and just 'happened' to see the groupon.  Like cupcakes from Cupcake Conspiracy.  Or a bra from Bodacious Bustlines.  Or that laser hair removal.  You know, things that I obviously COULDN'T live without.  For someone (me) who is a sucker for sales, this is the perfect option because it's always a sale, so I always win.

3. Online shopping sites.
Although husband won't likely agree with the greatness of the easy accessibility of onlin…


There are so many things I'd rather be doing than watching it snow.  Just when I thought we were almost done with this.
I've been dreaming about going barefoot on the grass and the smell of dirt and flowers and rain.  I forget what it's like to not have to bundle everyone up JUST to go out for 2 seconds. Or what it's like to not wear a jacket in the car.
And just like a sleepless night, I find that a snowstorm right after Mother Nature had teased us with a taste of spring, is a slap in the face and pushes me right back down into the winter blahs. 
I would move in a heartbeat to a warmer climat if you asked me right now.
But because that's not going to happen, unless you have a job for my husband and a way to move my friends and family too, I'll just daydream of warmer days and prettier things.

There, see? Isn't that much better than this? Ah, Mother Nature. I'm so over winter.

My funny valentine.

I saw a neat quote on facebook this week. It read : "Valentine's Day is not about the I love 'yous' but the I love us".
I think that is what this holiday is now for me.  Not really about the romance between husband and I, but more so about the love we share and the family we've created. Does that even make any sense?
Before we were married, Dan did the sweetest things for me.  Things that made the "I love yous" very clear.  Things like scavenger hunts, random bouquets of flowers, sweet notes, even sweeter emails. So when he proposed, I honestly just thought it was another one of his thoughtful evenings and was I ever surprised to find a ring at the end of a string.  But that's a totally different post.

Valentine's Day is still about the loving Dan.  But it also becomes the love for my children.
Now my heart shudders when Willis hugs me and tells me he loves me.
Or when Dan tells me I'm beautiful or that I'm a great mom.
It's mor…

Family travels.

I have been to many places, but I have never been overseas.
In May I'll take my first trip to across l'océan with my brother and sister  to Scotland.
This trip has transformed many times over the past bit, originally being a trip that Dan and I were going to take with the kids in the spring to visit Uncle Josh in London. But then an opportunity arose for Dan and the other brother, Chris to go and they jumped on it.
So I was out a traveller. And I wasn't going by myself with the kids. I'm crazy, but not that kind of crazy.
Brother was taking a couple of weeks to travel to the Scandinavian countries and when I expressed my desire to go to Scotland and that I had no one to go with, he had the idea that we could go together. So the 3 Park kids shall pack their bags and explore their ancestral roots on the Park side.
We are just in the process of figuring out the what/when/where, and have each identified parts of the country we'd like to see (Brother-Hadrian's wa…


Growing up I never danced.  I was an athlete, or at least I'd like to think I was.  I played sports:  fastball, ringette, volleyball....the list goes on. I was never without activity.
Now the only sport I still play is fastball and I don't think I'll ever give it up.  But it just doesn't cut it workout wise.
I feel like I've tried everything:  step classes, Judo, running, walking, water aerobics....everything.  But finally I've found an activity that suites me.
It'll be 2 years in August since the first time I tried the class at Club Mynx and I'm still loving it.  I bounce between classes at Club Mynx and World Gym, Club Mynx being my favourite.  The atmosphere is something else.  NO creepy fluorescent lights. NO random people staring into the class, watching.  Instead they dim the lights like you're in a club and turn up the music.  I LOVE it.  Never before have I felt like a dancer.  Yup, I think I've transformed into a confidant Zumba-…

Photo project

My brother, sister and I have been doing the 30 day blog challenge over email ever since Carmen posted it.  Thanks for the idea, Carm.  We've been sharing back and forth and I must say, I'm learning such interesting things about the people I thought I knew the most about.  Hopefully they'll let me share some material once we're through.
Anyway, to my point.  A topic this week was to share a photo taken over 10 years ago of yourself. Easy?  Nope.  Although I have tons of pictures, the half that cover before 2003 are all print.
How did we live without digital cameras???!!!
How much did I spend waste developing film ???!!!

I was always known for having good photo albums while in high school and university.  My friends would spend hours leafing through them, pointing out hilarious moments.  My bridesmaids even used my photo albums as centrepieces for tables at my bridal shower. It was a brilliant idea.

So, I had an idea the other day.  Why not scan all my print photos so t…

Raising kids

Raising kids is stressful.
Raising kids keeps you on your toes.
Raising kids can be heart breaking, heart wrenching,  or heart warming.
I guess no one really ever said it was going to be easy.
And what sucks is that there are no guarantees.
Health and happiness can change in an instant.
It all comes down to how you cope.

At the doctor's today she asked if I had any concerns with Lucia.
Well, she's not quite gaining tons of weight, she's a small little chick, I said.
She eats, she's active and most importantly, she's happy.  Be confidant, said my doctor.
Know that you are doing your best.

Really, I'm not too concerned, I know that kids catch up in the end.
I have many friends who have small kids too and they're perfectly fine.
But still, in the back of your mind, you worry.
It's just that I know and I've seen that there are no guarantees in my life.

Except for one: unconditional love.
Because I know that regardless what happens in life, my kids wil…

A boy and a girl and some makeup

Willis was a sociable, loveable baby.  I could leave him with anybody and he'd be all smiles.
Lucia, on the other hand is going through one of those stages that doesn't let me leave the room without her howling unless I cleverly sneak away. She's a Mommy and Daddy's girl.  So, this morning when she wouldn't let me get some computer work done, I had to move on to other projects: hair and makeup.
Thankfully, she loves mirrors and was quite content to sit on the vanity while I got ready for my day.
Where Lucia is happy to sit and observe, Willis was happy to get into everything.

Really, it was her first foray into the world of makeup.
She was relatively calm and easy going and didn't make a mess like her brother did the first time he got into my makeup.

Maybe it's just the difference of raising a boy and a girl.
Willis makes a mess, Lucia studies things intently.

Or maybe it's the age. Hmmm

Regardless, they had fun, I had a good laugh and I'm happy t…

Full of GLEE

Glee is back after almost 2 months of break.
I pretended to be interested in the SuperBowl.  That was a joke.  I don't get football and likely never will.  I do, however, get music and dance and what it can do for my soul.
And on now again Tuesdays I will sit humming, toe- tapping and enjoying the art of performance, the crisp harmonies and the social issues that are brought to light  in Glee.
It feels good to laugh and feel moved by music again.  .
How many M's are there in the letter R?

Speaking of music, as the Packers or whoever are doing their touchdown victory dance,  Lucia and Kinsey will be doing a dance of their own. Glad to see the girls are lovers of music and movement as well.

L & K's adventures. Full version from Dee on Vimeo.

Saturday fun.

It's a perfect Saturday in the making.

Lucia sleeping in until 8.  Check. A perfect cup of coffee ready before I even get out of bed. Check.Breakfast made by husband.  Check.A tobogganing excursion with my besties and their boys.  Check.Hot chocolate brought by Candace.  Check. A good workout with sister.  Uncheck.  Zumba class cancelled, must improvise and do Zumba for Wii at home. Check.Planning a week's worth of healthy and tasty meals. Check.Grocery shopping trip with the little family. Check.Another perfect cup of afternoon coffee. Check.

Life ain't so bad in this wintery wonderland when the  weather is a tolerable -3 and you're surrounded by great people.  I could get used to this. Come on spring, I'm waiting.

The weekend that changed it all.

02/02/02 = The night I met he who would sweep me off my feet and be the life I've always dreamed of.

It was my first year teaching and I was broke.  When Annie begged me to accompany her to her husband, Jason's volleyball tournament in Moose Jaw, I could barely afford to go.  Ah, the days of living pay cheque to pay cheque.
I finally decided I should.  We had some great girl time planned, meeting up with our University girl friends at the spa in Moose Jaw for some visiting and it was a blast.
Also a blast?  Re-meeting Dan.
I was actually teaching his brothers and my brother at the time.  Weird.  So it was an easy ice breaker to get talking to him.
I have this visual of him from that weekend that has never left my mind.
Tall, strong, confidant, sexy with a genuine smile and a twinkle in his eye.
Oh and green track pants from the 70s complete with longish, shaggy hair.
I remember saying to Jason that I thought he was a hottie.  Dan that is.
And Jason, being the smart guy he is, …

love LOVE love.

I am having way too much fun with my kids and have decided to ignore fatigue and frustration tonight and just love them through it.  I keep thinking of how quickly my mat leave is going and how soon I'll be back to work.

I love being home because I love baking cookies in the middle of the day.
Photo shoots for the kids is my new favourite hobby: I dream of collecting tutus and flowers and headbands and neat props for the pictures I want to take.
It's hard to dislike my job when Willis makes me laugh every single day.
He need only flash his eyes at me and I'm done.
Lucia on the other hand begs for attention constantly; she loves to be held and giggles at the sight of her brother, Dad or Aunty Kyla.

I can't believe my little girl is almost 8 months.
I can barely fathom that my little man is 3 and a half years old and that next year at this time I'll be registering him for Kindergarten.
I want to freeze every moment with them.
I want to remember how Willis voice soun…