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Winter in my kitchen

One of the best gifts we got this year was from my mom and dad.  It is a simple and inexpensive gift which will provide hours of entertainment and many people can benefit from it.  No, it's not slinky.  Instead they got us a cookbook for our anniversary.  Mom knows how much I like to try new recipes in the winter months and obviously they know how much Dan and Willis benefit from this.  Or she was just sick of me calling and emailing her daily for the instructions from a certain dish that she had cooked at home from the same book.
So this week when I was planning my daily meals, I centered them all around recipes found in "Chef at Home".
During the week I like to pick a couple meat dishes, a fish, and a couple vegetarian dishes as well.  So far my favourite was the Moroccan Couscous with chickpeas.  Willis even liked it.  Must be because it was made in orange juice. Yum!
We've also had the Bloody Mary salmon.  I really liked it, mostly because I LOVE me a good Caesar or beer and clam!  With the left over salmon that I didn't bake, I made my own variation of the smoked salmon penne with capers.  It was okay.  I think it needed more sauce, less noodle.  But that probably happened because somehow I always make too much noodle.
Tonight we're having the pan-friend steak and the garlic steamed broccoli.  The broccoli is so tasty.
Friday night is potato bacon salad and whatever leftovers we have to polish off.
Saturday I like to make a soup for the weekend so I'm going to try the Thai soup that he has and then we'll finish off my cooking week with Burgers on Sunday.
This is what I do in the winter to amuse myself.  In fact, I find it so fun that I ordered a couple Barefoot Contessa  cookbooks thanks to Grams for the Indigo $!!  Can't wait to see what kind of recipes she has, I've heard great things.
But for now, I'll be the "Chef at Home" around here and I definitely can say that it you like flavourful dishes and easy to follow instructions that give you a window for creativity, then this is also great book for you.