Therapeutic on many levels

In three days spent with three of my closest friends, I managed to not only revive my levels of zest and zeal for life but I also feel that precious time with girlfriends made me a better wife and mom.
Maybe it's because we spend so much time remembering who we were and what we had wanted in life.  (Which always astounds me that I ended up with a marvelous husband and beautiful kids.  Never thought I'd be so lucky.  It felt like I was searching for Prince Charming FOR EVER.)
We spend our time recalling those crazy after the bar memories, the bad breakups, the zany moments in the wee hours of the mornings that were spent with these friends.  Thankfully we only had a video camera out once or twice, so there isn't much evidence to how cool we actually were. Or thought we were for that matter.
Who knew life would lead us down our chosen paths?  We've all created such different lives, and yet we still manage to keep ourselves linked together by the precious threads of friendship. 
Time is fleeting.
Thankfully, our friendship isn't.

 Carmen, Candace, Gina, Sara.  My bridal shower, 2004
The entire gang out for Christy's stagette at Emma lake. 2005. Christy, you're lucky you're placed behind Gina in this pic.  Remember what you were wearing??!!
 Candace, Carmen, Christy and I before Sara's shower. 2005.

 Alynne and I at Sara's wedding. 2005
Sara's wedding again. Carmen, Alynne, Christy and I.

Sure there were no video cameras, but I always had the "Daddy Cam" out. Muhahahaha..


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