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Spontaneous roadtrips and such.

Willis, Lucia and I just got back from a couple days accompanying Dan while he did some work in Regina.
I love going back to Regina to visit with my friends
Not much has changed and I can still easily get around, but at the same time, when I drove around campus I was completely baffled at the different buildings that have been up since our era.
This May marks 10 years since our convocation.  The crazy Bac girls have been teachers for 10 years! Hard to believe.  Now we're the experienced teachers and we're too busy raising families to be worrying about what outfit to wear out to the bar on the weekend. Or on a random Tuesday in most cases.  Our group has been separated ranging from girls in Edmonton to Calgary to P.A to Saskatoon to Regina to Ontario and to England.

My last visit to Regina in September was great, we did a playdate with Nat and Monique and their adorable kids. 

This time around we went to Nat's house and had a playdate with Erika and Ashlynn.  I love that Erika is exactly a year older than Will so I can get an idea what's in store in the next year.  Apparently 4 year olds have attitude.  I would never had guessed, Erika was such a sweetheart.  My dream someday is to get organized enough to get ALL the girls from University together with ALL the kids.  A ten year reunion, anyone?

My other stop on Monday for playdates was extra special and exciting for me.  We went to visit an old friend, Lisa, whom I used to teach with when I first moved to Saskatoon.  Sadly, for me, she moved to Regina a couple years later.  She is probably the only person I know who can keep me laughing for 2 hours straight.  She is hilarious.  She is also the mom to 3 beautiful children, adopted from Haiti.  If you remember last year when I did a couple posts on her situation, she'd be the one whose boys survived the earthquake and then were kinda in limbo, waiting impatiently to know if they'd get to come to Canada early.  They did. A 2 year process happened in a month and it was so nice to finally get to meet them!  Talk about energy in that room! Wowza.  Mak√©o and Kobi have adjusted well and now have two new friends and hopefully we'll get to see them more often.  Willis LOVED them and absolutely loved Lisa too.


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