Nothing, man.

The decorations have disappeared.
The house is a disaster of homeless toys that need organizing.
The fridge has been restocked, the pantry is full.
The floors need washing, the house needs to be returned to it's decorated glory.
What am I going to do about it?
Nothing, man.
My motivation to clean, organize or decorate has been nullified.
And while I watch my list of to-dos multiply,
I will contentedly curl up the couch and watch the Bachelor,
and excitedly welcome the return of Glee, 30 Rock and Modern Family.
This momma is in need of some serious downtime.
I have books to read, movies to watch and some laughing to do.
Some day my will will return but in the meantime I will feast on great moments with my other Will. And my little light, Lucia.
Willis has somehow morphed into a teenager overnight.  Begging for sleep.  Stomping up the stairs to his room when we wake him up from his nap.  Shutting his bedroom door to go back to bed.
Where did that come from?
Surely I never did that......