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I wouldn't say that I was super close with my brother and sister growing up.  I'd say we had a normal relationship with time mostly spent annoyed with one another, trying to dress Rob up as a girl, or trying to sabotage their lives.
I would, however, definitely say that I'm way closer with them now.  I don't go a day without speaking to my sister or texting my brother.  Evenings usually have skype dates, which is a necessity since Rob lives in Brooks, Alberta.  Lucia and Willis love to see their Uncle Robbie with the muscles on skype.  We love skype so much that we'll even skype Kinsey and Aunty Kyla who live only a block away.  Gotta love technology.
Anyway, back to my point.  While chatting with the brother earlier this week, he decided he was going to come up with a Bucket List.  So obviously, sister and I jumped on board.
I actually had a hard time coming up with points until last night.  Blame the red wine or the fact that I'd been thinking about what I'd put on my list for 4 days.  Finally, I have something and here it is:

Learn to play another instrument. Guitar? Flute? Cello?
Change careers at least once.
Work in a greenhouse.
Donate something substantial.
Build and design my own house.
Have a pool. A real one.
Play Masters level fastball.
Buy a pair of Christian Louboutins. Feel no guilt.
Experience the glory of NYC with my mom, sister, Lucia, Kinsey and any other girl added to our family.
Master a culinary dish from 10 different cultures. Throw a dinner party.
Visit each continent, except for the cold, impossible one.
Memorize a poem.
Sell a painting to a stranger.
Go on a trip with just my brother and sister.
Take six months off of life and travel with my family, home schooling my children.
Have a conversation with a celebrity.
Wear red lipstick.
Perform on stage. This could be singing, dancing......who knows.
Remarry my husband with our children as witnesses.
Have the same bff when I'm 50.
Fit into my wedding dress better than I did on my wedding day.
Visit Bethlehem.
Visit St. Lucia, the island. With my little Lucia.
Et voilĂ .  It was harder than I thought to come up with meaningful, kinda realistic events.  Am I missing anything??


  1. Great list. What are you going to work on checking off first?


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