Girl time

This morning Lucia got her initiation into the big girl's world: a road trip to Calgary with myself, Candace and Sara to see Christy.
The yearly trip has become somewhat of a tradition, randomly changing seasons, locations and groups of girls since it's inauguration in 2005.
This year we chose Calgary as our destination so that Sara and Can could meet Christy's newest, Cooper.  Also, it's quite convenient heading to a location that not only has great shopping, but also is Christy's home so we can invade her house instead of a hotel.  There's that and the fact that Lucia is still attached to me, literally, and Christy has a 2.5 month old, which leaves us with the necessity to alter our usual arrangements.
So here we are.  What felt like a LONG roadtrip with a baby who was quite good, sleeping and playing most of the way, only screaming when we got close to the 2 hour mark in the car.
The weather is always a factor and today wasn't a difference, varying from beautiful sun to blizzard-like wet snow.  Not super fun to drive in.  Maybe a fall trip should be considered. Or a sun destination.
Or another New York trip.
One can dream.

That's just the thing, I can never get enough.  Girl trips don't get old.  Especially with these girls.  Although Carmen, Alynne and Gina aren't hanging with us this year, they are always included in our discussions and funny memory sharing, sometimes at their expense.  I would say 95% of our time is spent laughing and the rest is spent recovering from said laughter, trying to remember why we were laughing in the first place.  Great times.

You know you are surrounded by true friends when you can cherish the crazy/wild/can't believe we did that, tighty whities, WHAT? memories that you share with them, celebrate their accomplishments (yay, you found your uterus!), be there for them during their struggles (yes, benefibre will make that happen), love them at their weakest (PUT THAT PHONE DOWN!! Yes, I am yelling) and kill yourself laughing when their son pees on the floor instead of in the potty, regardless how excited said friend was, even doing the Christy dance, for little boy to pee on the potty.

Ah, how the times have changed.


  1. I miss girl time so much now that I'm an adult :( Have a fantastic weekend Ladies & babies!


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