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Game on.

My official self-proclaimed vacation from my life is done. I'm over it. It was fun to be lazy and unmotivated and all, but I'm bored. And my bathrooms need to be cleaned.
2 weeks is not bad and it's probably the longest I've gone without really doing anything productive.  Wait, I didn't clean my house for 2 weeks? Yikes, that's just gross.  And now that I can write my name in the dust on the mantel, I'm ready to get back to Housewife Extraordinaire and clean, dream, make and do.
If I was a superhero (which I secretly am) I would have a SuperWife cape and I'd be armed with a duster. And a videocamera. Oh, and a glass of wine.
I ended my vacation last night with a date with myself. I had paralyzers, popcorn, watched Dinner with Schmucks and painted my nails.  The perfect end to weeks of relaxation.
Now I'm ready to kick life's butt.
And once my house is clean, I'll then be able to tackle my bulging to-do list of exciting projects which includes: room redecoration, closet purging, learning how to use Adobe Premiere, trying to figure out how to organize my photo/video files and some graphic design work for a couple businesses.  I can't wait to get my brain working again and hopefully it'll keep me busy and motivated just in time for a little vacation with the girls in 2 weeks time.
Because hard work should always be rewarded.