Freedom. Kinda

It wasn't originally planned for me to have a night with just Lucia this evening.  We were supposed to be staying at my parent's tonight after Mom and I took Willis to see Toopy and Binou.
Unfortunately, Dad's white blood cell count is down too low.  He's in his last week of Monday to Friday intravenus high dose treatments of Interferon and he's exhausted.  We didn't want to risk him getting sick so we had to do some quick changing of plans.
Fortunately, Dan's parents were more than thrilled to take Willis to see the show tonight and to keep him for a sleepover while Kyla, Kinsey, Lucia and I went back to Saskatoon.

So here I am.  At home.  Practically alone with a baby sleeping and no one to answer to.
What to do.
I could curl up on the couch and watch a movie on my list of movies, probably Grown Ups, which I've been dying to see.
Or I could clean my house and finally deal with the piles of clothes that I need to get rid off.
I could learn how to use Premiere so I can get back to making videos.
This list goes on and frankly, there are too many options!

So I have happily settled in front of the computer, blizzard in hand grace à my sweet sister and contentedly, I'm multitasking away.  Watching Reality Bites on one monitor (LOVE the netflix), blogging and working on Lucia's Year One photo-book project on the other.  This project was one I had wanted to stay ahead off but have found myself with an almost 8 month old baby with only the first day of her existence documented.
Hopefully tonight proves to be productive.