A trip to Vancouver

and done.

7, 621 pages, 192 days, a bazillion hours later and I am done.  The Diana Gabaldon "Outlander" series, that is.
I once tried to start this series, recommended by my sister but only making it 30 pages into the first novel.  I spent most of those 30 pages rolling my eyes at the boring history, unintelligible language and lack of romance.
But things change and a year or two later, I mustered up the courage to try it again, hoping if I just read a bit more, I'd understand why Kyla loves this series so much and has read it a couple times.
What did I find out?
This series is nothing but intriguing history, catchy language and lustful romance.  I got hooked this time and I definitely can say that it was the best 60$ I've spent in awhile.  Yes, 60$.  At one point this summer you could buy two books for 15$ at Walmart.
Now that I'm done, I must admit, I kinda feel lost.  I want more, I miss the characters, I'm curious to what happens as the author leaves many questions unanswered (obviously now I must patiently await the next novel coming sometime this year, or next) So impatiently I will wait until I can grab the next book and resume my new love for Scotland.
Actually, I must thank the sister for the gift that reading this series has given me....I'm so much more inspired to learn about Scotland and it's story because come June, I plan on taking a trip there to visit our own family history.  Apparently the Park clan is deeply rooted in Aberdeen...hmmmm....maybe I just may have to wander into the Highlands and see some areas that Gabaldon described.


  1. Ahh Scotland, how I miss you....maybe you will come across a highlander named Jamie while visiting that lovely place....
    - Kyla


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