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Therapeutic on many levels

In three days spent with three of my closest friends, I managed to not only revive my levels of zest and zeal for life but I also feel that precious time with girlfriends made me a better wife and mom.
Maybe it's because we spend so much time remembering who we were and what we had wanted in life.  (Which always astounds me that I ended up with a marvelous husband and beautiful kids.  Never thought I'd be so lucky.  It felt like I was searching for Prince Charming FOR EVER.)
We spend our time recalling those crazy after the bar memories, the bad breakups, the zany moments in the wee hours of the mornings that were spent with these friends.  Thankfully we only had a video camera out once or twice, so there isn't much evidence to how cool we actually were. Or thought we were for that matter.
Who knew life would lead us down our chosen paths?  We've all created such different lives, and yet we still manage to keep ourselves linked together by the precious threads of fri…

Girl time

This morning Lucia got her initiation into the big girl's world: a road trip to Calgary with myself, Candace and Sara to see Christy.
The yearly trip has become somewhat of a tradition, randomly changing seasons, locations and groups of girls since it's inauguration in 2005.
This year we chose Calgary as our destination so that Sara and Can could meet Christy's newest, Cooper.  Also, it's quite convenient heading to a location that not only has great shopping, but also is Christy's home so we can invade her house instead of a hotel.  There's that and the fact that Lucia is still attached to me, literally, and Christy has a 2.5 month old, which leaves us with the necessity to alter our usual arrangements.
So here we are.  What felt like a LONG roadtrip with a baby who was quite good, sleeping and playing most of the way, only screaming when we got close to the 2 hour mark in the car.
The weather is always a factor and today wasn't a difference, varying fr…

Freedom. Kinda

It wasn't originally planned for me to have a night with just Lucia this evening.  We were supposed to be staying at my parent's tonight after Mom and I took Willis to see Toopy and Binou.
Unfortunately, Dad's white blood cell count is down too low.  He's in his last week of Monday to Friday intravenus high dose treatments of Interferon and he's exhausted.  We didn't want to risk him getting sick so we had to do some quick changing of plans.
Fortunately, Dan's parents were more than thrilled to take Willis to see the show tonight and to keep him for a sleepover while Kyla, Kinsey, Lucia and I went back to Saskatoon.

So here I am.  At home.  Practically alone with a baby sleeping and no one to answer to.
What to do.
I could curl up on the couch and watch a movie on my list of movies, probably Grown Ups, which I've been dying to see.
Or I could clean my house and finally deal with the piles of clothes that I need to get rid off.
I could learn how to use P…

Signs of spring

I have been unable to get motivated to do anything today.  No cooking, no baking, no photoshop making, no cleaning, no folding, no learning....the list goes on.  Yesterday the sun was finally shining and it was possible to go outside and enjoy the fresh air without freezing various body parts off.  I think today's gray gloominess just wacked me upside the head and refused to let me shine.
But, the sun will come out tomorrow.
The forecast looks great for the next week and then I have the long awaited girls trip to Calgary coming up next weekend.  Lucia gets to be a big girl with us!  
So until the sun shines and I can play outside, I'll just grasp these little signs of spring around the house.

The List

I wouldn't say that I was super close with my brother and sister growing up.  I'd say we had a normal relationship with time mostly spent annoyed with one another, trying to dress Rob up as a girl, or trying to sabotage their lives.
I would, however, definitely say that I'm way closer with them now.  I don't go a day without speaking to my sister or texting my brother.  Evenings usually have skype dates, which is a necessity since Rob lives in Brooks, Alberta.  Lucia and Willis love to see their Uncle Robbie with the muscles on skype.  We love skype so much that we'll even skype Kinsey and Aunty Kyla who live only a block away.  Gotta love technology.
Anyway, back to my point.  While chatting with the brother earlier this week, he decided he was going to come up with a Bucket List.  So obviously, sister and I jumped on board.
I actually had a hard time coming up with points until last night.  Blame the red wine or the fact that I'd been thinking about what I…

Room redecorating project.

Before Christmas I worked on my living room.  It was an excellent project to keep my mind busy while we were waiting diagnosis of Dad's cancer.  I think it turned out nicely and am now ready to move on to the next room: the study.  This is a bigger project and will definitely take a couple months to complete.  What I'm lacking with this room is a vision.  A style.  A sense of something.  Right now it's a mess of stuff with mishmashed style taking over.  It screams: LEFTOVERS FROM UNIVERSITY LIFE.
Now that I'm 10 years over University, I think my style can move on too.
So, without further ado, here is room two.

I already have the wall art picked out, so that won't be difficult.  We're just waiting on it.  It's a series of portraits we had done this summer with my family by Stuart Kasdorf.  The two other images are his, so it'll be nice to have the walls updated with our life status (2 more kids and the wrinkles that go with).  So those are taken care of…

Bring it on.

Today marks round two of serious butt kicking, sweat dripping, muscle building workouts for me.  My break is over and it's time I get moving again.
Because before I know it, I'll be back at work and I won't have lost any weight and I'll be swearing at myself for having wasted perfect time.  Time that would normally be spent in the evenings prepping lessons on Napoleon or correcting essays or researching is now spent getting in shape.
I've been working on this with my sidekick supersister since July, having excitedly jumped back on the Zumba wagon as soon as my post-baby body would let me.  Then in October I kicked it up a notch with Jillian Michaels' 30 day challenge.  Then it was Christmas and I got sick and life happened.
You know what that's like.  I did manage to lose 10 lbs in those 2 months that I was seriously working out and now I'm ready to do it again.
Jillian Michaels', here I come.  What I like about her workout is that it's a quick…

Game on.

My official self-proclaimed vacation from my life is done. I'm over it. It was fun to be lazy and unmotivated and all, but I'm bored. And my bathrooms need to be cleaned.
2 weeks is not bad and it's probably the longest I've gone without really doing anything productive.  Wait, I didn't clean my house for 2 weeks? Yikes, that's just gross.  And now that I can write my name in the dust on the mantel, I'm ready to get back to Housewife Extraordinaire and clean, dream, make and do.
If I was a superhero (which I secretly am) I would have a SuperWife cape and I'd be armed with a duster. And a videocamera. Oh, and a glass of wine.
I ended my vacation last night with a date with myself. I had paralyzers, popcorn, watched Dinner with Schmucks and painted my nails.  The perfect end to weeks of relaxation.
Now I'm ready to kick life's butt.
And once my house is clean, I'll then be able to tackle my bulging to-do list of exciting projects which include…

Spontaneous roadtrips and such.

Willis, Lucia and I just got back from a couple days accompanying Dan while he did some work in Regina.
I love going back to Regina to visit with my friends
Not much has changed and I can still easily get around, but at the same time, when I drove around campus I was completely baffled at the different buildings that have been up since our era.
This May marks 10 years since our convocation.  The crazy Bac girls have been teachers for 10 years! Hard to believe.  Now we're the experienced teachers and we're too busy raising families to be worrying about what outfit to wear out to the bar on the weekend. Or on a random Tuesday in most cases.  Our group has been separated ranging from girls in Edmonton to Calgary to P.A to Saskatoon to Regina to Ontario and to England.

My last visit to Regina in September was great, we did a playdate with Nat and Monique and their adorable kids. 

This time around we went to Nat's house and had a playdate with Erika and Ashlynn.  I love that E…

and done.

7, 621 pages, 192 days, a bazillion hours later and I am done.  The Diana Gabaldon "Outlander" series, that is.
I once tried to start this series, recommended by my sister but only making it 30 pages into the first novel.  I spent most of those 30 pages rolling my eyes at the boring history, unintelligible language and lack of romance.
But things change and a year or two later, I mustered up the courage to try it again, hoping if I just read a bit more, I'd understand why Kyla loves this series so much and has read it a couple times.
What did I find out?
This series is nothing but intriguing history, catchy language and lustful romance.  I got hooked this time and I definitely can say that it was the best 60$ I've spent in awhile.  Yes, 60$.  At one point this summer you could buy two books for 15$ at Walmart.
Now that I'm done, I must admit, I kinda feel lost.  I want more, I miss the characters, I'm curious to what happens as the author leaves many questi…

Winter in my kitchen

One of the best gifts we got this year was from my mom and dad.  It is a simple and inexpensive gift which will provide hours of entertainment and many people can benefit from it.  No, it's not slinky.  Instead they got us a cookbook for our anniversary.  Mom knows how much I like to try new recipes in the winter months and obviously they know how much Dan and Willis benefit from this.  Or she was just sick of me calling and emailing her daily for the instructions from a certain dish that she had cooked at home from the same book.
So this week when I was planning my daily meals, I centered them all around recipes found in "Chef at Home".
During the week I like to pick a couple meat dishes, a fish, and a couple vegetarian dishes as well.  So far my favourite was the Moroccan Couscous with chickpeas.  Willis even liked it.  Must be because it was made in orange juice. Yum!
We've also had the Bloody Mary salmon.  I really liked it, mostly because I LOVE me a good Cae…

Nothing, man.

The decorations have disappeared.
The house is a disaster of homeless toys that need organizing.
The fridge has been restocked, the pantry is full.
The floors need washing, the house needs to be returned to it's decorated glory.
What am I going to do about it?
Nothing, man.
My motivation to clean, organize or decorate has been nullified.
And while I watch my list of to-dos multiply,
I will contentedly curl up the couch and watch the Bachelor,
and excitedly welcome the return of Glee, 30 Rock and Modern Family.
This momma is in need of some serious downtime.
I have books to read, movies to watch and some laughing to do.
Some day my will will return but in the meantime I will feast on great moments with my other Will. And my little light, Lucia.
Willis has somehow morphed into a teenager overnight.  Begging for sleep.  Stomping up the stairs to his room when we wake him up from his nap.  Shutting his bedroom door to go back to bed.
Where did that come from?
Surely I never did that..…

A new year. Same old me.

I like Reality T.V.
I love fashion and all things clothes.  I can't have enough shoes. I love my husband. My children are the best things to come into my life. My friends are my family. My family is my world. I need to have some 'me' time once and awhile. I'm really a quiet person.
Those are some of the fundamental things that won't ever change about me. A New Year always brings resolutions that I usually forget a day later.  Instead of making resolutions this year, I decided to find a code or more so a way of life that I can adopt.  I've made some serious changes in the past 6 months and have kept them thus far. So when I came across this list by H. Jackson Brown Jr. on Twitter (I follow many ex-Bachelor stars, this one was posted by Canadian Jillian Harris who is tres fashionable and a great interior designer...) anyway, the majority of these points hit home for me.  So this is what I'm going with for 2011.   Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90…