A trip to Vancouver

The tw-elf night

Tonight concludes our 12 days of Christmas festivities.  I must say this year has been a little bit difficult to keep up the energy and creativity due to 3 weeks of colds and a non sleeping baby.  But we did it.
Willis and I sang Christmas carols today while Lucia jumped/danced.  Actually it was more like Willis serenading Lucia because he kept getting mad at me for singing. And for taking pictures.

We then had a most excellent playdate with Émilie who is Marina's niece and in town from Toronto.  Émilie is a cute little bilingual almost 3 year old and after about an hour had completely warmed up to our energetic boy and the two of them were quickly the best of friends.  They had Chris, Marina and Dan even belting out random nursery rhyme songs which is clearly a sign of a successful playdate. Or too much beer.  But luckily it was the first in this case.
Willis enjoyed his playdate so much that he even cried when Émilie had to leave.
So sweet.
I had intentions of taking Will and Lucia to see the Enchanted Forest this evening but I guess that will have to wait until Thursday.  That'll be our little family Christmas party and gift exchange before the weekend extravaganza in the P of A commences.

Happy Holidays!