Super bug

okay, so apparently it's possible to catch two different bugs at once.  No fair.
We were just getting over the stuffy everything, coughing fits and snot fest bug when Willis started a night of puking on Thursday.  I just passed that off as part of the cold but no, it was an entire different entity.
A super bug that I wouldn't even wish on my foes.
And it struck twice at once in our house.  Dan and I were down in minutes.
There should be laws against mommies and daddies getting sick when they have very important things to do, like take care of their children.  Luckily Dan's parents were in town and stayed the night.  They proved to be huge help with the kidlets, but may have paid the price.  They got a little parting gift this morning, Rod was coming down with it too. No fair.
Although it has been a grueling 18 hours in our house, our little boy's true personality has shown through.  He is a master at taking care of his parents.  He is currently cuddled on the couch, having put in a movie for Daddy.
He only pouted for a little bit when we both declined a morning game of house baseball.
But then two minutes later he was saying things, in such earnest like:
Mommy, Daddy isn't feeling better, I'm going to take care of him.
Daddy, maybe you need a movie
While in Walmart with Dan Are you going to puke Daddy?  Puke in the bucket. Rubbing the back of Daddy's leg in the pharmacy at Walmart If you puke, Daddy, you'll feel better.  

This hasn't been a pleasant experience and if I was feeling up to it, I'd bubble wrap my family and then attack my house with lysol.  But instead for now, we'll all be found, camped out in the living room, watching a year's worth of movies.


  1. Hope it's all over soon! We had the same thing but in reverse. There is hope!

  2. Great post! Also...Love the new look of the blog. Your Santas are adorable and they look the exact same size!


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