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Still in the festive mood.

This week has been nice.  We've played with the toys, we've enjoyed some fresh air.
I've also been able to have some downtime that I crave so much after the chaos of roadtripping with 2 kids and all the Christmas shenanigans.  Bubble baths, bath bombs, wine, reading. Solitude.  I'm very much a quiet craver.

I find it rejuvenates me and gets me ready for the next onslaught of love.
Christmas weekend numero deux chez mes parents.
But first we had to bid adieu to Joshua who made his way back to London after a nice visit over the holidays.  It was great to get to see him and to get to know his friend, Teddy, who had the most charming British accent. Love it!  We had a family supper on his last night and then the girls and the boys snuggled up to watch a movie together.  I'd LOVE to have Dan's siblings all in the same city: they are awesome.

I also had some time to prepare some treats for this weekend.  One of my favourite bloggers, the Possessionista, did a post on these little treats the other day and I had to try it.  So voila, cake pops (see link for her directions).  You can also check out Bakerella for some great ideas.
We did some quality control testing tonight and I must say I'll be making these babies again!
That's it for now. I'm going to snuggle up on the couch with my hubby and watch a movie.  There are so many shows that are rentable cold winter nights are booking up quickly.



  1. Cake pops are the BEST! I started making them in the summer and then made another huge batch to give away to neighbours/postal carrier/doctor etc.

    Have a great holiday weekend with your family!

  2. I should clarify - I made fresh cake balls in December to give away to people at Christmas time. I didn't give away the ones I made in the summer :)


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