A trip to Vancouver

Festivies on the 7th day.

What do you get when you mix the sons of ball players with a stick and a pinata? One big candy mess.
Tonight's 7th night of Christmas was celebrated at a birthday party  for a sweet boy named Dylan.

Check out the swings of these future ball stars.

Both Kerri and Jordan are expecting in the new year, so we'll be happy to not be the only ones juggling the two kids thing.  I love when our families get together.  We got to know each other very well during our roadtrips to play ball in Shellbrook; Jordan and Kerri are fantastic friends and their families are just as beautiful.  That's what makes life grande; when you have great friends to share events with.

There were girls a girl too. Lucia always seems to be outnumbered.  Someday, someone will have another girl, I'm sure.  Until then, Lucia has the pick of tons of handsome boys.  Check out Dylan's sweet smile, or Calder's luscious curls.  She didn't seem to be too interested tonight. It was the icing and her Daddy that caught her eyes.