School Photos

Day 8

On the 8th day of Christmas we packed up our family and headed to the airport to pick up Uncle Josh and his friend, Teddy.  Josh took a job with RBC in London and has been gone since the beginning of August.  We miss him everyday.
Willis and Lucia were troopers considering the flights were delayed 2 hours and Josh's luggage got lost in transition.  Lucia slept until Uncle Josh arrived and woke up just in time to show off with some adorable coos for her Uncle.  Willis was clad in his best pajamas for our adventure and just went to bed at quarter to 12.  Let's hope there's a sleep-in in store for us tomorrow.

Come to think of it, family was the theme for today as we also got to visit with my brother, Rob who is home from Brooks and my parents and Grandma.  Willis loves his family and didn't stop smiling all day.