A trip to Vancouver

Coughers unite

Our house has been taken over by an evil, sick virus that won't leave us alone.  Lucia was finally getting better and then Willis got it and to be funny, it spread to Lucia again and me.  All week we've been up hacking, coughing, snotting, trying to swallow and now... puking.  Willis was up every 30 mins last night puking.  Fun stuff.  Thankfully husband is home and we could each tend to a sick babe and I could try to get better myself.  I would just like to feel healthy and energetic again, thank you very much.  You know that I'm sick when I have no energy to clean or organize my house or decorate the tree. Yowza, this bug was a nasty one.
Now that I've gotten that vent out of my system, which was way easier than talking it out because I sound like an old man right now, I shall search for the silver lining of being sick:
1- snuggle time with the kids on the couch
2- endless amounts of apple juice and chicken noodle soup
3- Christmas movies!!!!
4- snuggling with the kids.

Kay, that's enough for now, must medicate in hopes of getting out of this sucky cycle of sick.