9 days of Christmas fun.

Today was a jam packed, day of awesome.  Everything about it was perfect- except for the a.m. trip for me to minor emerg. for a reoccuring clogged milk duct.  But that's another story.
Let's focus on the awesome.
First we had a playdate with our favourite boys: Aiden, Koen & Karter.  We visited Karter this time and I must say, the newlyweds, Mark and Alynne are definitely fabulous hosts.  Not only do they have an "under the stairs" area that rivals the coolness of Harry Potter's first sleeping accommodations, but they also made us some stellar KD after a morning of playing.  Mark even manned the boys so us girls and la Lucia could catch up. What a great guy!  Check out the quick vid.
We then came home for Will and Lucia's nap and an opportunity for me to get out by myself and do some errands for tomorrow's festivities. It's always a treat getting out by myself, I definitely can appreciate it. Even if it's to do boring things like getting groceries and booze. Wait. Booze is not boring. I'm wrong and sleep deprived.  Actually, I had a 2 hour nap today by accident.  Those are the best naps.
Oh, yeah back to the ninth day of awesome.
Willis has turned up the cute factor in the past couple days and has been an extra good boy.  Maybe it's the little elf, named Tic Tac Toe (Will's choice) and the fact that he's reporting back  to Santa every night that's making him extra nice.  Maybe I just love him that much and can't help but melt when he says the funniest things.  Lately conversations have been going like this:
Mommy: Willis, what are you going to be when you grow up?
Willis: A monster in school.  But a nice one.  And a child.
or other gems like:
Willis: Fine is french, mom. 
No answer from mom, she's driving.
Willis:  Mom, fine is french.
Mommy, absentmindedly:  Actually Will, it's not.  Fine is an English word.  Vendredi is a French word.
Willis:  NO, MOM. I'm being serious.  Fine is french.

Anyway, I think he's a gem and I'm pretty sure Santa is going to be good to him.  In fact, Santa sent him this special message  to wrap our 9th day of festivities.