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2010 done.

It's been a longer than average year by my books and I will happily tuck this one away tonight in hopes of new beginnings in 2011.
And here we are, the Park clan all snug, grateful to be in such a beautiful and spacious home to celebrate in this year. Christmas and New Year celebrations don't change much around here which is nice because you come to be excited for certain moments.
Moments like:
Ongoing games of Scrabble, which I'm doing as I blog.
World Jr. Hockey.
Naps by the fire.
Christmas pudding.
The exchange of thoughtful gifts.
Randomness from my brother.
Dill treats.
Shortbread cookies, buttertarts, marshmallow balls.
Board games.
Conversations with wonderful friends (yes Christy, I typed this while talking to you and playing Scrabble)

I could go on, but it's my turn and I am now losing. Gotta get my game on.
Happy New Year, everyone!

2010 year in review from Dee on Vimeo.