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2010 done.

It's been a longer than average year by my books and I will happily tuck this one away tonight in hopes of new beginnings in 2011.
And here we are, the Park clan all snug, grateful to be in such a beautiful and spacious home to celebrate in this year. Christmas and New Year celebrations don't change much around here which is nice because you come to be excited for certain moments.
Moments like:
Ongoing games of Scrabble, which I'm doing as I blog.
World Jr. Hockey.
Naps by the fire.
Christmas pudding.
The exchange of thoughtful gifts.
Randomness from my brother.
Dill treats.
Shortbread cookies, buttertarts, marshmallow balls.
Board games.
Conversations with wonderful friends (yes Christy, I typed this while talking to you and playing Scrabble)

I could go on, but it's my turn and I am now losing. Gotta get my game on.
Happy New Year, everyone!

2010 year in review from Dee on Vimeo.

Still in the festive mood.

This week has been nice.  We've played with the toys, we've enjoyed some fresh air.
I've also been able to have some downtime that I crave so much after the chaos of roadtripping with 2 kids and all the Christmas shenanigans.  Bubble baths, bath bombs, wine, reading. Solitude.  I'm very much a quiet craver.

I find it rejuvenates me and gets me ready for the next onslaught of love.
Christmas weekend numero deux chez mes parents.
But first we had to bid adieu to Joshua who made his way back to London after a nice visit over the holidays.  It was great to get to see him and to get to know his friend, Teddy, who had the most charming British accent. Love it!  We had a family supper on his last night and then the girls and the boys snuggled up to watch a movie together.  I'd LOVE to have Dan's siblings all in the same city: they are awesome.

I also had some time to prepare some treats for this weekend.  One of my favourite bloggers, the Possessionista, did a post o…


Christmas #1 has come and gone and wow, am I hungover.  But this is a totally different hangover than when I was footloose and fancy-free.
This one consists of an overload of food, presents, chocolate and family.  And the one thing about this hangover that is different from the alcohol induced varieties is that instead of me regretting it and having to eat McDonald's to get over it, this hangover is making me want more.  Of family that is.  The rest I could do without.
So more it is.
This year is the first year that we officially stopped family hopping during the holidays.  It was just way too hectic and we couldn't really relax and enjoy ourselves.  Add in a couple of kids and their schedules and it would be mayhem.  Instead it was nice to be able to unpack and enjoy the surroundings without having to think of where we're off to next and at what time.
This weekend coming up we'll be spending time with my side of the family for our Christmas.  And yes, we'll do it …

The tw-elf night

Tonight concludes our 12 days of Christmas festivities.  I must say this year has been a little bit difficult to keep up the energy and creativity due to 3 weeks of colds and a non sleeping baby.  But we did it.
Willis and I sang Christmas carols today while Lucia jumped/danced.  Actually it was more like Willis serenading Lucia because he kept getting mad at me for singing. And for taking pictures.

We then had a most excellent playdate with Émilie who is Marina's niece and in town from Toronto.  Émilie is a cute little bilingual almost 3 year old and after about an hour had completely warmed up to our energetic boy and the two of them were quickly the best of friends.  They had Chris, Marina and Dan even belting out random nursery rhyme songs which is clearly a sign of a successful playdate. Or too much beer.  But luckily it was the first in this case.
Willis enjoyed his playdate so much that he even cried when Émilie had to leave.
So sweet.
I had intentions of taking Will and Lu…

Second last day....

On day 11 of Christmas we got lazy and cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie together.  And it wasn't even a Christmas movie. Gasp.
Despicable me was the choice tonight and when I say cuddled up on the couch what I mean is that Willis and Dan were super cozy and I wrapped Christmas presents on the floor and then retreated to the computer to finish working on our 2010 video newsletter.
Lack of ambition, you bet ya.
Will we make up for it tomorrow? Absolutely.

10 days done.

Today we celebrated the husband's 30th birthday.

Friends and family crowded in our home to celebrate a great guy.
The turducken was carved and everything was gobbled up.
Willis was elated to have the ENTIRE family here...both sides. He barely knew what to do.  He did, however, insist that we wear hats in the kitchen. 

 Sure wish my brother would take a normal picture.
All in all, it was a fantastic evening for an even greater husband.

9 days of Christmas fun.

Today was a jam packed, day of awesome.  Everything about it was perfect- except for the a.m. trip for me to minor emerg. for a reoccuring clogged milk duct.  But that's another story.
Let's focus on the awesome.
First we had a playdate with our favourite boys: Aiden, Koen & Karter.  We visited Karter this time and I must say, the newlyweds, Mark and Alynne are definitely fabulous hosts.  Not only do they have an "under the stairs" area that rivals the coolness of Harry Potter's first sleeping accommodations, but they also made us some stellar KD after a morning of playing.  Mark even manned the boys so us girls and la Lucia could catch up. What a great guy!  Check out the quick vid.
We then came home for Will and Lucia's nap and an opportunity for me to get out by myself and do some errands for tomorrow's festivities. It's always a treat getting out by myself, I definitely can appreciate it. Even if it's to do boring things like getting groce…

Day 8

On the 8th day of Christmas we packed up our family and headed to the airport to pick up Uncle Josh and his friend, Teddy.  Josh took a job with RBC in London and has been gone since the beginning of August.  We miss him everyday.
Willis and Lucia were troopers considering the flights were delayed 2 hours and Josh's luggage got lost in transition.  Lucia slept until Uncle Josh arrived and woke up just in time to show off with some adorable coos for her Uncle.  Willis was clad in his best pajamas for our adventure and just went to bed at quarter to 12.  Let's hope there's a sleep-in in store for us tomorrow.

Come to think of it, family was the theme for today as we also got to visit with my brother, Rob who is home from Brooks and my parents and Grandma.  Willis loves his family and didn't stop smiling all day.

Festivies on the 7th day.

What do you get when you mix the sons of ball players with a stick and a pinata? One big candy mess.
Tonight's 7th night of Christmas was celebrated at a birthday party  for a sweet boy named Dylan.

Check out the swings of these future ball stars.

Both Kerri and Jordan are expecting in the new year, so we'll be happy to not be the only ones juggling the two kids thing.  I love when our families get together.  We got to know each other very well during our roadtrips to play ball in Shellbrook; Jordan and Kerri are fantastic friends and their families are just as beautiful.  That's what makes life grande; when you have great friends to share events with.

There were girls a girl too. Lucia always seems to be outnumbered.  Someday, someone will have another girl, I'm sure.  Until then, Lucia has the pick of tons of handsome boys.  Check out Dylan's sweet smile, or Calder's luscious curls.  She didn't seem to be too interested tonight. It was the icing and her …

6th day of Christmas

A fortified city was always built to defend the people from possible threats. Things like scurvy, bad outfits and the black plague, I'm sure. Only the strongest survived, Quebec City is an example. Quebec City is a mecca of high fashion. And at University a chick got scurvy. No wait, it was scabies. Scratch that.
Our 6th day of Christmas was spent creating a fortification of snow in the front yard that will surely keep predators away from the....snow. Willis is a snow eating machine and will defend his pile with all his little 3.5 year old might. And that's a lot of might, if you ask me.

On the fifth day of Christmas....

...we bundled up and played in the snow. There's nothing better than a good frolic in freshly fallen snow, unless we're talking about the hot chocolate and marshmallows that followed.
It was a perfect morning: not too chilly and we had a mission, to deliver our Cmas letters to the mailbox.
Willis loves pulling Lucia in her sleigh and the dogs even made it out for a play in the front yard.
My favourite part was the hoar frost on the trees. Beautiful.
Well, that and being face washed by Willis.
Gotta love a winter wonderland.

Day quatre

The fourth day of Christmas was spent stamping, sticking and decorating our Christmas card envelops.  I'm pretty sure that Willis was informing me in this picture that I wasn't allowed to help him.
But I was having so much fun!!!!

On the 3rd day

The 3rd day of Christmas was a cold, windy, stay in the house type of day.  I had originally wanted to do our tobogganing day today but quickly changed my mind when I went outside.
So cookie baking day it was instead.
Willis had no problem with that and was quite content to roll, pat and mix his little heart out.  Lucia even got into the action.

2nd day of Christmas

On the second day of Christmas we built a rice krispie square Christmas house.  It lasted 10 minutes before it melted into a messy pile of yum.
We each had our jobs:  Kyla was the builder, Robbie was the eater, I was the icer and Willis was the decorator, but he mostly did quality control on the candies.
You wouldn't want them to not be yummy.
It was a nice spin on the traditional gingerbread.  Great thinking, Ky! What a fun way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon.

12 days of Christmas....

The house is decorated.  The ambiance is set. Christmas season is in full swing at the Simairs.
And to kick off our 12 days of Christmas this year, we had dinner with the Golightly fam, even if the majority of us were feeling under the weather. Still.
We then did our annual Christmas card photo shoot.

Tis the season.  I'm sure if we were feeling better we would've consumed more beer and sang a couple fa la las even.