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by - November 04, 2010

My sister and I are both on mat leave, living one block from each other and let me tell you, it's a dream come true.
Our girls will naturally grow up as bffs, already trading clothes.
Some ask how I can see my sister every day and not get sick of her.  Well I do, and I'm sure she gets sick of me too.  So we take a break and then the next day we're back at it again: mall walking, coffee sipping, recipe swapping, outfit planning, workout sweating...the list goes on.
It has been a blast sharing a mat leave with someone who motivates me and pushes me without really knowing it. I'm very much looking forward to her return from Hawaii so I can get back my motivation as it seems to be vacationing with her, probably Corona in hand with a killer tan.

In the meantime, I'll share one of my favourite things about being at home: the ability to plan healthy meals and actually have the time to cook them and enjoy them.
Something Kyla and I have been doing for over a month now is making one homemade soup a week, because there's nothing like a homemade, hearty soup and fresh bread when the weather is starting to get chilly.
Some of the soups I've tried thus far are: Curried Cauliflower and Wild Rice, Beef Barley, Harvest Vegetable and Grandma's Hamburger Soup.  Kyla has been a little more experimental, playing with lentils and leeks and creams. 
I have one more soup that I need to make: beef borscht and then after that I'll be a little more daring.  Any suggestions out there for a good soup???

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  1. with all that pumpkin you had you must try a pumpkin soup!!


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