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Project complete

Done and done.
My work in the living room is complete and I'm happy with the little adjustments I made.

Here are some photos to show the progression since we moved here almost 3 years ago:
Photo 1: Move in day.  March 2008
Note the boring wall colour, old TV and hairy dogs. I had lots of work to do.

Photo 2 is after paint from last November.  It's a grey-green colour that sometimes looks a steely blue in the light. 

Photos 3 and 4 are the finished project.  I opted out of end tables because I move my furniture far too frequently and didn't know if they'd always fit.
The area rug, I made.  Yup. We had a roll of unused carpet from our previous house, so I figured it should get used or tossed. Finally.  Making area rugs from remnants is easy and cheap and googleable.
I painted the TV wall a greeny blue shade of warmth. It makes me feel like I'm vacationing while warming up the room and drawing the eye to the bookshelves. I especially love the colour when the lights are down and the fireplace is on and I'm drinking red wine.
Then I started on my photo art project. It was super easy and I think reasonably priced. I ordered online from Costco. I also got a frame to match the picture of Willis sitting up at 6 months old. I still have to take a picture of Lucia, so there is a temporary photo there.
Touching up all the paint from when I first painted the room last November was necessary. That wasn't fun.
Lastly I reorganized my bookshelf to make it prettier, adding more photos of family and updating old ones.

And that's it for this project.  Next I will move upstairs to the hallway, but I need a break so that I can seriously concentratie on visualizing Christmas decor EVERYWHERE.


  1. The living room looks really great. Beautiful job Deena!! I love the TV wall and the book shelf rearrangement and the photo project...I love it all. Looks so cozy and inviting.

  2. It looks amazing, Deena! I especially love the photo art and can't wait to see Lucia's sitting up picture next to Willis'!

  3. Looks awesome!! Will you post pictures of your house once it's all decorated for Christmas? And I love the art project!


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