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My Happy Place

When I have a more difficult day, I have many strategies that seem to work to lift my spirits and make me smile.  Last night I think I may have got 3 hours sleep between Lucia waking because she's sick and Willis for some reason waking and wanting his mommy.  It was cute and I loved cuddling with both of them, but man, was I tired this morning!  Why do they always choose to not sleep when husband is working away? Bah.
So needless to say, I had to bring out the A game today in order to survive.
This is what worked for me today:
Getting dolled up when I'm really tired, an easy way to mask the fatigue.  This means actually brushing my hair, and if it's a really good day I blowdry and straighten it. Imagine that, spending more than 2 minutes on my luscious locks.
Starbucks.  Christmassy drinks in holiday cups.
Strolling around the mall with the baby all snug in her stroller.  She usually sleeps which allows me to leisurely sip my coffee, enjoy the Christmas music and decorations and browse items for potential Christmas gifts.
Catching snowflakes in the front yard with Willis while we enjoyed the glow of the Christmas lights.
Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Finally, to end off a long day, Will and I are snuggled up on the couch, watching Pinocchio while we impatiently wait for Daddy to get home.  Mostly because we miss him, but also because I have some Lush bath bombs, a hot bath, a good book and a glass a red waiting for me.

That should do the trick!