A Letter to me.

Dear future Deena,
Please don't ever become one of those older people who feel the need to bless you with their infinite wisdom.  Yah, you're going to get old, sprout some grey hairs, maybe even some wrinkles...it's inevitable.  But what doesn't have to happen is the need to give advice to anyone you see.
Nope. Not you.
Please don't be that lady.
Today at Walmart you received endless amounts of looks and smiles and grins and "oh, your baby is so cute, she's so petite, what a doll"  heart warming type of comments that kinda make you want to roam around shopping centres for the rest of the day, attracting happy baby loving people.
Future Deena, please be one of those people.  Please notice the cute little ones and PRAISE the moms or dads on how adorable they are and how they're doing a good job.

Please, future Deena, don't be a life sucker.
Don't be that lady in the pretty red jacket who looked oh so nice when she approached the probably disheveled looking mommy carrying around her snotty cute little baby in the snugli at Walmart today.
The lady who went on and on about how cute she is and how adorable she is.
Kay, that was nice of her, but really after pointing out that your child is little, did she have to briskly walk away and say to you, "You should feed her more", without even giving you a chance to throw a sardonic comeback at her, which I'm sure you would've had you been able to think of on the spot instead of standing there, your mouth ajar with that WTF!!?? look on your face.

Really? Feed her more?  Is that what you've been missing?
I guess that dear old lady should've been thanked, praised and hailed as the holy Queen of mystery solving, because really, spending hours with a baby attached to your boob apparently isn't feeding her enough.  Somehow, you have forgotten how to raise this sweet, petite child and are not feeding her enough.
Talk about feeling negligent just because some nosy lady had to get her two cents in.

Please don't be that person, Deena of the future in your cotton, elastic waisted pants and runners with velcro.
Please praise young mothers and let them know they're doing a good job.

Because really, that's all we want to hear and that alone can brighten up anyone's day.

Youngish Deena