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Dear Willis,
You've had a tough couple days.
First, I need to say that I've definitely been blessed with a very well behaved boy.  Willis, you rarely step out of line and when you do, you are understanding, remorseful and sensitive.  You are constantly concerned about our opinion of you, asking "Mommy, are you happy?"  Regardless what you do, Willis, we'll always love you and we don't hesitate to tell you that.
But it's only been a couple days of discipline, which is by far my least favourite part of parenting. 
First it was the meltdown at the Hamilton's yesterday after brunch and then your public display of disaffection at the Festival of Trees, both incidents sending you to your room so that we could talk about what happened after you had calmed down.  Oh, and you also bit your sister's toe this evening which also resulted in you having some quiet time.
You've spent a lot of time in your room in the past 2 days.
I'm only writing this so that when you're older and you read this in hopes of remembering bits and pieces of your childhood, you'll know that I loved you enough to push through the tears and try to teach you what's right and wrong.  That fine balance between acceptable and unacceptable.  Sure you don't misbehave often and I could just shrug it off as growing up, but I will always be kind, but firm and let you know what your Dad and I expect from you.  I try not to yell at you and in most cases we just talk about it and I genuinely think you understand.
You are a fantastic and very observant child.
I love you, regardless what you do.  Above all, I think that is the most important thing.


  1. my sister stabbed me with a fork when i was a kid, somebody should have disciplined her!!


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