Changing of the seasons

I sometimes dream of white beaches and a warming, golden sunshine and how wonderful it would be able to go jacket free and barefoot anytime I wanted.  But I'm easily diverted.
I find the first dumping of snow refreshing.
No, I'm not crazy.
Yes, I know it's a loooooong winter.

Maybe I find it so calming because I'm at home and have the easy option of cuddling up by the fireplace with the kids; a welcome refuge from the cold temperatures.
I can spend one day confined to the house, watching the blustery snows and winds coating our world and then the next day that glorious sunshine lights up the world with bright blue skies and powdery snow just calling me, asking to be jumped in, shoveled and ate- in Willis' case.

Last year I remember desperately wanting the snow so I could commence the festive spirit around our house.  This year that won't be a problem!
The music is on. Currently jazzy traditional music is my choice selection. Think Charlie Brown.
I've mentally decorated my house for Christmas a million times already and will impatiently wait the husband's return from England to festoon the house with cheery adornments. The tree will definitely be brought up this weekend so I can start trying out different locations.
We've started gathering ideas for our annual 12 days of Christmas, so please do share your ideas for this year will be much better than last year's snowless debacle.
The Christmas cookie eating making will officially begin this week with Aunty Monique. I can't wait to see what Willis comes up with.
And how can we not feel festive when the Festival of Trees runs this week at the Western Development Museum?

The season of joyful preparation has begun and the snow is the perfect precursor if you ask me, the season change lover.
Although- ask me in February if I'm sick of the snow and the cold and the ice, and yes, I'll gladly take anybody up on an offer to travel south until spring comes.