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Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love Christmas and have always loved Christmas. Growing up was special with the traditions that we did with our family : time spent around the Christmas tree, singing in the midnight mass choirs, french feasts and Christmas buns with cousins.
Now that I have kids of my own, I'm finding it to be so much fun to write our story. Dan and I are tradition makers.
Last year he had the idea of doing 12 days of Christmas as a countdown, and that's something we'll resume this year.
As for my doing, while Dan was away visiting our Josh in London, I stumbled upon a neat idea at Indigo. It's call the Elf on the Shelf.

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition [Home]

Basically this little elf is placed somewhere new in the house every night for Willis (and eventually Lucia) to find. Willis will know that he's not allowed to touch the elf but only to talk to him, to tell him his wants and his wishes and each night, the elf with go back…

Willis' wish list

Husband is currently visiting Uncle Josh in England,  and more important yet, picking up fabulous presents for his loving family.
When asked what he wanted Daddy to bring him back from London, this is what Willis requested:
a boat
a sock
a car
something blue
a Prada bag for Aunty Kyla and a Fendi purse for mommy.

Okay, I may have ad libbed the last one but I think minding two sick, snotty nosed children highly qualifies me for a prize such as that.

Just saying.



Oh, it be smelling like a fresh roll of Christmas baking in our house.
Our little elf has been slaving away creating scrumptious treats to start our anticipation for the holidays.
Cinnamon buns with raspberry cream cheese frosting for a Sunday brunch with friends and then shortbread and gingerbread cookies with Aunty Monique.
Christmas is coming, I can taste it.


Dear Willis,
You've had a tough couple days.
First, I need to say that I've definitely been blessed with a very well behaved boy.  Willis, you rarely step out of line and when you do, you are understanding, remorseful and sensitive.  You are constantly concerned about our opinion of you, asking "Mommy, are you happy?"  Regardless what you do, Willis, we'll always love you and we don't hesitate to tell you that.
But it's only been a couple days of discipline, which is by far my least favourite part of parenting. 
First it was the meltdown at the Hamilton's yesterday after brunch and then your public display of disaffection at the Festival of Trees, both incidents sending you to your room so that we could talk about what happened after you had calmed down.  Oh, and you also bit your sister's toe this evening which also resulted in you having some quiet time.
You've spent a lot of time in your room in the past 2 days.
I'm only writing this s…

Changing of the seasons

I sometimes dream of white beaches and a warming, golden sunshine and how wonderful it would be able to go jacket free and barefoot anytime I wanted.  But I'm easily diverted.
I find the first dumping of snow refreshing.
No, I'm not crazy.
Yes, I know it's a loooooong winter.

Maybe I find it so calming because I'm at home and have the easy option of cuddling up by the fireplace with the kids; a welcome refuge from the cold temperatures.
I can spend one day confined to the house, watching the blustery snows and winds coating our world and then the next day that glorious sunshine lights up the world with bright blue skies and powdery snow just calling me, asking to be jumped in, shoveled and ate- in Willis' case.

Last year I remember desperately wanting the snow so I could commence the festive spirit around our house.  This year that won't be a problem!
The music is on. Currently jazzy traditional music is my choice selection. Think Charlie Brown.
I've menta…


Lucia would not go to sleep for me last night, so as I rocked her and nursed her and rocked and nursed her again and again for what felt like 81 hours, in efforts to stay awake, I tried to come up with a list of new things that husband introduced into my life since we met reacquainted ourselves 9 years ago.  This is what I came up with.
1.  Nice sheets.  I used to have the 250 thread count sheets and didn't even know there existed a world of silkier, softer sheets.  I used to also be the girl who had Toy Story sheets through university. Does that scream cool to you or what? Bahha.
2.  The plug in the drain in the sink. I always thought it was for plugging the sink when washing dishes. NO. I soon discovered after sharing a kitchen with husband that if you leave it slightly unplugged, it catches all the little gross things that don't go down the drain, which you can subsequently lift out and empty into the garbage.
3. Washing laundry in one big heap instead of dividing it into c…

My Happy Place

When I have a more difficult day, I have many strategies that seem to work to lift my spirits and make me smile.  Last night I think I may have got 3 hours sleep between Lucia waking because she's sick and Willis for some reason waking and wanting his mommy.  It was cute and I loved cuddling with both of them, but man, was I tired this morning!  Why do they always choose to not sleep when husband is working away? Bah.
So needless to say, I had to bring out the A game today in order to survive.
This is what worked for me today:
Getting dolled up when I'm really tired, an easy way to mask the fatigue.  This means actually brushing my hair, and if it's a really good day I blowdry and straighten it. Imagine that, spending more than 2 minutes on my luscious locks.
Starbucks.  Christmassy drinks in holiday cups.
Strolling around the mall with the baby all snug in her stroller.  She usually sleeps which allows me to leisurely sip my coffee, enjoy the Christmas music and decoratio…

Project complete

Done and done.
My work in the living room is complete and I'm happy with the little adjustments I made.

Here are some photos to show the progression since we moved here almost 3 years ago: Photo 1: Move in day.  March 2008 Note the boring wall colour, old TV and hairy dogs. I had lots of work to do.

Photo 2 is after paint from last November.  It's a grey-green colour that sometimes looks a steely blue in the light. 

Photos 3 and 4 are the finished project.  I opted out of end tables because I move my furniture far too frequently and didn't know if they'd always fit.
The area rug, I made.  Yup. We had a roll of unused carpet from our previous house, so I figured it should get used or tossed. Finally.  Making area rugs from remnants is easy and cheap and googleable.
I painted the TV wall a greeny blue shade of warmth. It makes me feel like I'm vacationing while warming up the room and drawing the eye to the bookshelves. I especially love the colour when the lig…

A Letter to me.

Dear future Deena,
Please don't ever become one of those older people who feel the need to bless you with their infinite wisdom.  Yah, you're going to get old, sprout some grey hairs, maybe even some's inevitable.  But what doesn't have to happen is the need to give advice to anyone you see.
Nope. Not you.
Please don't be that lady.
Today at Walmart you received endless amounts of looks and smiles and grins and "oh, your baby is so cute, she's so petite, what a doll"  heart warming type of comments that kinda make you want to roam around shopping centres for the rest of the day, attracting happy baby loving people.
Future Deena, please be one of those people.  Please notice the cute little ones and PRAISE the moms or dads on how adorable they are and how they're doing a good job.

Please, future Deena, don't be a life sucker.
Don't be that lady in the pretty red jacket who looked oh so nice when she approached the probably dis…


I haven't been a huge risk taker in life.  In fact, I think I've been so afraid of rejection that I've not done things as a result.  They are little things that I would've loved to have tried...Sask First ball tryouts, audition for musicals.....These may not be life changing occasions, but they would have enriched my life and perhaps guided me down a different path.

Husband and I recently had a discussion about life goals, short and long term.  I can easily identify my short term goals and I always have plenty on my agenda....fix up/decorate a room, work on someones photos, file this, organize that, hit up the gym. I would say that my short term goal list is usually full.  Long term goals, not so much.  Husband identified long term goals that I have the career thing, get married, have kids. Done, done and done. But now what?
Am I doing what I am meant to do with my life? Could I be doing more?  What am I missing?
These are the questions that have been occ…

Tomato SouperStar.

My sister and I are both on mat leave, living one block from each other and let me tell you, it's a dream come true.
Our girls will naturally grow up as bffs, already trading clothes.
Some ask how I can see my sister every day and not get sick of her.  Well I do, and I'm sure she gets sick of me too.  So we take a break and then the next day we're back at it again: mall walking, coffee sipping, recipe swapping, outfit planning, workout sweating...the list goes on.
It has been a blast sharing a mat leave with someone who motivates me and pushes me without really knowing it. I'm very much looking forward to her return from Hawaii so I can get back my motivation as it seems to be vacationing with her, probably Corona in hand with a killer tan.

In the meantime, I'll share one of my favourite things about being at home: the ability to plan healthy meals and actually have the time to cook them and enjoy them.
Something Kyla and I have been doing for over a month now i…