When it rains....

I should've known that when he was doing "nothing" in his room, with the door closed that it was going to be trouble, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  So when it was getting long and he was still doing "nothing", I decided to check on him.
Not what I expected.
Come on markers, crayons, butt cream, lotion. Anything.  But Poop?? Dark, thick diarrhea streaming down his legs, onto the carpet and me.  Oh, and he wasn't wearing underwear. Seriously?  Poor boy didn't know what hit him and had no clue why he couldn't control it. He was so confused and what was a big, gross, disgusting mess turned into a teachable moment by Super Mom!
And just like that, the mess is cleaned up, the little boy not embarrassed and confused anymore. All in one day.
Nope. Because today was a new day, a brilliant, beautiful new day with just Mom and sweet girl at home.  A sweet girl who innocently posed for the camera during tummy time and then decided that BAM, it was a good time to poop on mom too.
Really?  How many times do I need to be shat on in a week?  There better be some good karma coming my way after both those messes.
Sure enough, I decide to take the sweet, nicely cleaned up little girl out to Pier1 for some browsing and voilĂ , the stars align and I find a 50$ gift card in my wallet that I didn't know I had.
When it rains, it sure does pour and in my case it got rather....muddy......but hey, there's always a rainbow shining afterwards!


  1. cutest picture. too bad about the poop mess


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