Sleep? What sleep?

I'm running on low right now. No sleep for me = no energy.  You know that feeling?  When the eyelids feel like they are glued to your eyeballs and you're pretty sure you look like a gorilla skulking around because your limbs feel so heavy? And the only thing you want is coffee and more coffee because you're pretty sure that you'll fall asleep while making lunch.
My voice is so scratchy right now that it sounds like I've been on a 8 day bender, like the good old days in Quebec.
Not too sure what's up with Lucia right now...growth spurt? gas? mad at me?  Who knows. But what I do know is that I'm no up to another night of seeing 10, 12, 2, 4, 6, 6:30 ams. That's way too many wake ups for me.  This is the part of having two kids that I feared the most: being run down and still having enough energy to keep up with Will.  But, I'm getting better at it.  I know that my worst hour is bedtime and I that get super testy if Will is pushing the limits.  But I also know that I can get through it and that it's not the end of the world, which doesn't always help the guilty feelings; those "I'm not being the best mom right now" thoughts.
Thankfully, Willis taught me a great lesson today.  I forget what we were doing, but he spilled something and I gave him the look.  He instantly said "I'm sorry, Mommy" and I smiled.  He then quickly added: "It's okay" and then a sweet and innocent "I forgive you".

I may be overtired, slightly cranky & feeling like I've aged 25 years in two nights, but I do know that my little ones are loved and that they know  tomorrow will be a new and hopefully better day :)


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