My husband has me figured out. Damn.

 I'm a doer, often multitasking many projects.....but alas, my list is dwindling.  Actually, there are many things I still want to accomplish on this mat leave, but they don't interest me as much, so they're taking a backseat until winter arrives.  It's my fun tasks that are few and far between.  Things like: video editing friend's weddings, photo shopping projects, paintings or house decorating.  I'm starting to get the itch, like I'm needing to take something on.  So husband says one day: "You always have something going on, you'll never not have something"   It makes sense.  I get bored when I don't have something to think about.  My creative mind needs amusement, so for the past couple nights while Lucia decided not to sleep, I thought and I thought and then I thought some more, because really, what else can you do at 2, 4, 5 and 6 ams?  This is what I decided: I'm going to focus on one area of the house and finish it to my little heart's desires runneth out.

Project one: the living room.
I've gone for a warm and cozy feel, littering the walls with my paintings and photographs and then pictures of family.
Missing?  A couple more photos and some decor. See for yourself.

Overall, I'm happy with this room, but I think it just needs a couple elements to polish it off. Plus I want to start with the easiest of the projects so I don't get overwhelmed and quit. 
I saw this awesome photo project that I'm going to try to do myself.
It's basically 9 9X9 canvassed photos arranged together in a box shape.  The images are all of the same theme: trees, flowers, statues, doors. I love this and am pretty sure I can pull this off with my own photos. I'll keep you posted.  In the meantime, please don't hesitate to share your decorating ideas for this room.  Colours, places to get nice rugs and things of that sort. I need some brains to pick.And yes, that is my cat sleeping in Lucia's chair. I would sleep there too if I could, it's cozy and it bounces.


  1. maybe you could try my dark black bean soup paint on that wall.

  2. When you want another decorating project, feel free to come out to my house! You are one busy mama!


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