Looking for Narnia

While Lucia was snoozing happily in her swing, Willis and I took the opportunity to do some work in the basement this morning.  Although our basement isn't quite complete yet, I've been looking to do some organizing in the guest room as it was getting out of hand with stuff.  I was hoping that clearing the clutter will help when it comes time to finishing the little jobs that are left.  Willis is a fantastic helper; he gets right in there with me and isn't scared  to get his hands dirty.  In fact, yesterday night when we were making kahlua chocolate cheesecake, he insisted that we add peanut butter. Such a great idea!
Today's job wasn't as exciting for Will as beaters coated in chocolate, but it was great for me.  Every season change brings a shift in my wardrobe as well.  I keep my seasonal clothes upstairs in our bedroom and my out of season stuff downstairs.  It was time today to bring up all the warm sweaters, hoodies & corduroys for the fall. It was just like shopping! Also, 4 months after having Lucia, I'm ready to bring back my pre-pregnany clothes! I tried on all my old pants today and was super excited to find that they fit again.  Granted, I definitely need to lose more, but I'm glad to finally see the results of my workouts.  I have mostly noticed in my legs; they feel stronger & more toned and I would sure hope so, after all those squats.  I guess I shouldn't complain when they're forcing me to do squats while on my tiptoes with a bender ball between my knees.  Clothes are an excellent motivation for me and so is that cute little boy who's hiding in the closet, helping mom organize her clothes.  Can you spot him?


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