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Girls will be girls

Back in grade 8 I had a couple of different groups of friends.  I was either hanging out with my BFF at the time, Jenn or with my ringette bestie, Jyl.  Now you have to remember that we were girls and our particular current girl group at that time switched between besties as fast as my hair colour changes. Which is often.
Anyway, Jyl and I were obsessed with a certain hockey team and even more with certain hockey players. Whatever. We were boy crazy.  We would sit in her basement and watch a homemade hockey video over and over and then over again. We had it by memory.  I can distinctly remember ever detail of that video.  There was one part in particular that struck me and stuck with me, but I really have no clue what place it had in a sports video. But alas, it became my anthem.  That Cmas, Jenn gave me a simple plague with that particular poem printed on it.  I still have it to this day and it sits on my kitchen window where I can glance at it when I'm doing dishes, or getting a coffee.  It's a reminder of what is important to me.  I've even integrated it into teaching self-esteem in Christian Ethics 30.  The poem was written in the 20s by Max Ehrmann and is called Desiderata.
This weekend is Dove's movement for Self-Esteem.  Visit the site.  There are tons of great resources for moms, teachers and most important girls.
What does this have to do with Desiderata?  Well after I learned it was self-esteem weekend by reading one of my fave blogs I felt inspired and started thinking about the things in my life that have most influenced me.  Desiderata immediately came to my mind.  There are so many things that I'd love 14 year old Deena to know.  So many things that are very clear now that I'm in my 30s,  numerous life lessons that I hope I can teach Lucia so she doesn't necessarily have to experience them.  I think of all the friends I've had, all the friends I've hurt, all the lessons I've learned by disobeying my parents, so many things that a girl goes through and has to worry about in life.  I'd love Lucia to know that she should cherish her friendships for everyone  that comes into her life will teach her a little more about herself.  I want her to be strong and confident because life is so much easier to face when you believe in yourself first.  There are so many more risks I would've took had I just been a little more sure of myself.
I know she'll make mistakes and will do that learning on her own, and if I could steal a couple verses from a poem and pin them on her sleeve, my favourite poem, Desiderata would be there, embroidered with love.
Remember what peace there may be in silence.
Listen to others.
Always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be Yourself.
Nurture strength of spirit.
Be gentle with yourself.
Be at peace with God.
Keep peace in your soul.
It is still a beautiful world.
Be careful.
Strive to be happy.



  1. Why am I only seeing this now?!? Oh that video!! I should totally dig it out of the basement and cruise to S'toon for a trip down memory lane :-)

    I've always liked that poem too - and not just because it reminds me of Taco Time :-)


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