School Photos

The first snow!

I love having kids simply for the fact that it lets me feel young every single day.  When life is kicking my ass, I just have to go chill with my little boy and lose myself in play-doh shapes, massive forts, superhero jumping games or wrestling matches.
I love that everything is new and interesting to him.  Frequently are we found talking about the seasons, the upcoming holidays, the important people in our lives.  So when the first snow fall started last night, you can bet we had our noses glued to the windows, watching the flakes fall.  Sure it wasn't that "calm evening, big snowflake, make you want to break into Christmas song" type of snow, but rather a "windy, blizzardy, I can't see my sidewalk" type of mess, but we still soaked it all up.
Willis was so pumped to wear his new snowsuit and he wanted to do it all: shovel, make snow angels, build a snow man, make some snow balls...the list went on. That boy loves life!  In the end our blissful first snow romp really only ended up being 15 minutes of Willis shoveling the snow into our flower pots and then taking two handfuls and eating it, but it was beautiful and it made me want to put up the tree and start celebrating winter and all things cozy.
Days like today remind how much I love being home with my kids.