School Photos

Cackle Cackle.

Dressing up my kids in cute little person clothes- awesome fun.
Dressing up my kids in costumes for Halloween or birthdays or random Tuesdays- even more awesome fun.
I love make believe.
I even learned how to sew so that I could make some ninja turtle costumes for my friends at work.

And then it just went downhill from there. You see, my mom used to always make us our Halloween costumes and they were creative and original and freaking awesome.  I always wanted to do that too. Hence the sewing machine and sudden super seamstressness.
But no, I got lazy and started ordering costumes online.   I have brought out the sewing machine again and have started experimenting with my basic techniques.  I did make our (Husband and I) costumes for Will's b'day but still find it easier ordering for Willis.
Past Halloweens:

When Will was 3 months old he was a crying dolphin.  We didn't do anything special that year. He hated Halloween.
Year 1.3  is when I amped up the creativity.  He was a rat, my sister and I were carrots and husband was a chef. Ratatouille anyone?
Year 2.3 Will was Cookie Monster and we were Bert and Ernie.
This year Willis insisted on being Captain Hook so naturally Husband was Peter Pan and Lucia and I were Tinkerbell. That was for his birthday and obviously for Halloween as well.  Minus Tinkerbell and Peter parading around with him.  That outfit was a little too clinky for Husband. But he was a good sport.

We also get the little boys together every Halloween, so really just last year and this year and this year it was just Aiden and Willis, so not really every Halloween but whatever, you get my point.  I just like seeing how much they change in a year.  I really have to remember to add Lucia to these pictures.  Note that there is a dog dressed as a cheerleader.  Yes, you are seeing things correctly.  No, she isn't a stuffed animal, she is Candace and Mike's newest addition.
Dressing dogs up as humans: lol-tastic!