Today was one of those "should've had a beer before noon hit" type of days, which eventually turned into a "oops, I ate an entire bag of mini aeros that were meant for Halloween" day and by the time supper rolled around it had become a "why do I have to wait until bedtime to forget about today via a nice bottle glass of wine" day.
If I had a superhero cape to help me get through the fussiness from a freshly immunized and fevered baby, I would've worn it.  And if I could find my magical fairy dust that helps little boys nap, and keeps them from going batty with crankiness,  I definitely would've dipped in.
But alas, it was just me against the world.
On days like this when the husband is working away, far away in Toronto, I need to dig deep and find creative ways to get through the long hours, especially on days like today when the crazy level in our house is turned up a couple notches.
So we stay in our pajamas and don't leave the house and we eat breakfast for supper and jump on the beds, music blaring.  I don't comb my hair of even think of putting on makeup, let alone washing my face and it doesn't bug me if Willis watches that extra cartoon.
It's one of those days where I need to forget about the to-do lists and the parenting faux-pas, not thinking twice about letting Lucia sleep in her swing while Willis has alone time in his playroom and I have alone time at the computer.
And if I need to shut myself in the pantry and have a mini aero, I'll do just that. 
Bedtime tonight could've been a disaster based on the way the day went, but it was far from it.  Curled up in bed together,Willis asked for his nightly made-up story.  But I had nothing left.  I had a baby eating away and could not even think up anything remotely interesting to tell him.  So, we had an idea, and decided to make Daddy a part of our routine, even if he wasn't home.  Alas, we phoned Daddy, put him on speaker phone and tucked him in nicely between the two little angels.  And Daddy told us bedtime stories that lulled my little boy into a cozy slumber and brought tears to my eyes, for amidst all the chaos of single parenting, I realized I am blessed to have married such a compassionate and loving man. Who will not notice, or mind, that an entire bag of aeros are gone or that I may have dipped into his whiskey or perhaps bought a chair. Just saying.  He's that good.
And with that, I'm going to bed early to bring on a whole new day.  That is, after I finish off this piece of ice cream cake. Yum.
A girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do.


  1. Hang in there babe. You know I love you and wish I wa... hey! WTF happened to all the aero bars!!!

    Miss yall.


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